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The SIVB wants to share this community’s excitement and passion for the exchange of in vitro biology knowledge through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube.  We invite you to share pictures or videos that highlight the people, hard work, events and fun that originate from our SIVB community.  Let’s show the difference and impact that SIVB members are making in their communities and in the world.  Take a look at the instructions below for how to share content with us for future social media postings.

Meet the Social Engagement Ad Hoc Committee.  (From left to right: Anissa Belfetmi, Joyce Van Eck, Sarbesh Das Dangol, Muneeb Shah and Chris Bagley)

Please make sure the following criteria are met before submitting content to SIVB Ad-Hoc Social Engagement Committee.

Download a copy of the instructions here

  1. Please submit a high-quality picture or video: Well-focused with a suitable lighting system works best for posts. The image or video submitted should be original content. For stories and Instagram Reels, the posts work best at 1080px X 1920px as on a standard smartphone. For content coming from other cameras or smartphones, care should be taken that the pictures submitted for posting will not exclude the main subject when cropping them to post, especially for Instagram which will crop all images to 1080 x 1080 (1:1 ratio), 1080 X 608 (1.91:1 ratio) or 1080 x 1350 (4:5 ratio). Please take your video or picture in a way that focuses the subject at the center of the picture.
  2. For videos with background music, please make sure the music does not violate the copyright of the music creator. The social media platform may later mute, hide, or remove such posts.
  3. Please get consent from the original creator of the content which you are using: If there are other people appearing in pictures and are in focus, get consent from them before submitting.
  4. Please include a title and description about the post you have submitted: Recommended maximum word limit for a title is 150 characters and recommended maximum word limit for a description is up to 500 characters.
  5. Please include attribution: This should be provided for the following: who created the post, who took the picture, who wrote the title and description For the videos with music: indicate the music used. Also indicate source, citation and links to the paper, websites, or other sources included in the submitted materials.
  6. The designs and themes for the in-text pictures/videos and stories should be prepared as indicated in the Appendix.
  7. Submit your post to [email protected]. E-mail should contain the content file attached or file shared on Google Drive and caption as mentioned in number 4. Priority will be provided to current SIVB members, but appropriate submissions from non-members may be considered.
  8. A minimum of two SIVB Ad-hoc Social Engagement Committee members will review and provide suggestions if needed.
  9. Approved posts will appear on SIVB’s social media.
  10. Unapproved posts will be returned to the contributor for revision and re-submission, or the content provider will be notified that the content was not accepted for placement on SIVB’s social media.



  1. The theme for any text-focused post should be consistent in color and font. This will be prepared by the committee for any approved post.
  2. For picture posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, recommended image sizes are as follows:
    1080 x 1080 (1:1 ratio), 1080 X 608 (1.91:1 ratio) or 1080 x 1350 (4:5 ratio)
    a) A post can simply be a picture or a video. Title and description must be included as a caption. Proper attribution is required for all posts mentioned in this document.

    b) A post can be a picture with text included: short text that does not mask the picture, motivational quotes or opinions. The post can also be a short text or opinion/motivational quote with a colored background (Member spotlight, awards and highlights or Lab/science/inspirational pictures).
    c) A post can be a cover picture of an SIVB publication or highlights of published articles.
    d) A post can be about the SIVB events

    e) A post can be about a recent Zoom meeting. Remember to get the permission of those appearing in the image before forwarding it for consideration.
    f) A post can be about a podcast.
    A podcast can be listed on the SIVB website, and also posted on social media. The highlight can be made with stories or Reels. A podcast can have timeframe in the range of 5 min to 30 min.
  3. YouTube and Instagram Reels
    (entire post for Reels should be preferably 1080px by 1920px, landscape videos on Reels such as on YouTube are also acceptable)
    Shorter videos to longer videos from up to 30 minutes. YouTube videos can also be posted on Instagram Reels. However, Reels is preferable. A representative cover image should be provided to represent the type of video on profile. Videos can be interviews, archive of the live video, SIVB events, talks, presentations, lab protocols, highlighting SIVB website manuals, submission process of articles to SIVB journals, etc.Reels can be shorter videos from 15-30 seconds with a music that is already available on Instagram. They can also highlight longer videos already posted on YouTube.
  4. For stories on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
    (Entire post should be 1080px by 1920px including text and pictures/videos)
    a) Stories can be anything from the posts as described above.
    b) Stories can be reminders and conclusions of events and newsletters.
    c) Stories can be questions, polls, and quizzes for direct audience engagement.
    d) Stories can be prepared for highlighting the SIVB website manuals.
    e) Stories can be short videos up to 15 seconds.
    f) Stories can be short highlights of videos posted to YouTube or Reels.
  5. For Instagram and Facebook Story Highlights:
    Noteworthy stories can be highlighted on the profile with suitable cover pictures
  6. Tagging
    Relevant users can be tagged if they are willing to be tagged to their respective profiles. When submitting a post, please provide account names of any persons that should be tagged and the platform on which they are located (ie. Facebook, tag @Joe2; Instagram, tag @Joe21)
  7. Live
    Approved scientists/academic members and contributors may be provided with social media access for a particular time. The live content can be about the student/professor/scientist’s life, research, lab tour, protocols, interviews, etc. Live broadcasting can also include up to three other members on Instagram simultaneously. Pre-approval must be received from SIVB on what content may be broadcast. Proper care must be taken to avoid any inappropriate content.
  8. Hashtags
    When submitting a request for a post, please include a few appropriate hashtags. It is recommended to provide no more than 4 hashtags. The Social Media Committee may include additional hashtags as appropriate to be consistent with our feed.
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