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As President of the Society for In Vitro Biology (SIVB), I would like to personally invite you to actively participate in and benefit from the numerous professional activities that our Society offers to its members, students and the broader scientific community. Founded nearly 80 years ago as the Tissue Culture Association, the SIVB is fostering the exchange of knowledge of in vitro biology of cells, tissues, and organs from both the plant and animal kingdoms, including humans. The SIVB cultivates the scientific and technical growth of its members, furthers biotechnology research to understand biology at the cellular and developmental level, and promotes, expands and supports the scientific knowledge base for the benefit of society as a whole.

My personal journey with the SIVB began in 2010, when I was invited to present my research at the annual SIVB meeting in St. Louis. The welcoming, open, and collegial scientific-rich environment that I found there made me feel instantly “at home”, and I have not missed an SIVB annual meeting since then. I remember asking “how can I do more?”, and this question was heard loud and clear. Since my first SIVB meeting, the Society has offered me many opportunities for professional and personal growth. I have presented my lab’s research on non-melanoma human skin cancers in multiple SIVB’s annual meetings, co-convened many symposia, plenary sessions and workshops, and co-moderated student and post-doc oral presentation competitions. I have been involved with different SIVB committees, and had the privilege and responsibility of serving in multiple leadership roles. All of these activities have had a tremendous positive impact on the progression of my academic career, and paved the way for establishing invaluable long-lasting relationships with researchers from the US and around the globe.

Are you looking to expand your knowledge and experience of in vitro biology, share your research findings and learn from other scientists, gain new ideas and starch your scientific imagination? The SIVB provides these opportunities and so much more! Are you interested in expanding your professional network, contributing to the development of enthusiastic students, post-docs and members, and interacting with potential new collaborators? The SIVB offers ample possibilities to accomplish these inspirations! Are you motivated to share your ideas and perspectives, gain experience in serving on different Society committees, and fulfill different leadership roles? The SIVB’s Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Development Committee, Education Committee, Laboratory Materials and Biosafety Committee, Long Range Planning Committee, Nominating Committee, Scientific Program Committee, Public Policy Committee, History Society and Records & Historical Committee, Students Affairs Committee, Ad Hoc Social Engagement and DEI Committees welcome your involvement! Are you determined to create initiatives to continue fostering, enhancing and supporting member diversity, inclusivity, equitability and acceptance in a welcoming and respectful scientific environment? The SIVB is committed to DEI, open to new perspectives and ideas, and encourages you to join us in your journey to becoming a leader in our discipline of in vitro biology!

What makes the SIVB so special, and what are some of the benefits of joining our Society?

SIVB membership: Whether your research area lays with the Plant Biotechnology Section (PBS), or the In Vitro Animal Cell Science (IVACS) section, SIVB members have diverse experience, expertise and research interests. The unique combination of these two scientific sections with a shared goal of advancing in vitro biology in the plant and animal kingdoms brings us together, and this diversity is one of our Society’s strengths! It provides our members with invaluable opportunities to communicate and share their knowledge, technologies and ideas in seeking answers to key biological questions in plants and animals, ultimately moving the in vitro biology discipline forward. Our members join the SIVB from academic, industry, governmental, and regulatory agency sectors and beyond. They are scientists at all stages of their professional careers, as well as individuals from different disciplines who are interested in all aspects of in vitro biology of plant and animal sciences. We encourage our students, post-docs, early-career scientists, late career scientists and retired scientists to actively participate in our annual meetings as presenters and symposia co-conveners, serve as members of different committees, and assume varied leadership roles on the Board of Directors. Students are offered ample opportunities in our Annual Meetings, from free abstract submission and meeting registration to convening student-organized sessions and to volunteering on different projects. These opportunities help them to develop their professional network and scientific careers, enhance their public speaking experience and gain leadership skills. We encourage students to join the SIVB and develop as the future leaders of our Society. Established scientist members provide the SIVB with valuable knowledge and experience that they have gained throughout their research careers. They serve as role models and mentors for our students and early career scientists, share their knowledge and perspectives, and provide the encouragement that can make a significant difference in a professional career. Last but not least, the SIVB is fortunate to have late career and retired scientists in its membership. Their experience, wisdom, and historical perspectives in the field of in vitro biology and its advancements are invaluable in paving the path for SIVB’s growth and sustainability, and in shaping the future of our Society. We encourage you to join or renew your SIVB membership. We also encourage your active financial support and remembering to include the SIVB in your bequests.

SIVB scientific programs and awards: The Annual Meeting of the SIVB includes a Keynote lecture, special workshops, cross-sections plenary sessions and joint symposia that focus on topics of importance to both the PBS and IVACS sections, section-specific symposia, oral presentation competitions, poster sessions, and student-led sessions, as well as receptions and special social events. The Society recognizes members with outstanding achievements in the field of in vitro biology on an annual basis. SIVB awards include the Lifetime Achievement Award, Distinguished Scientist Award, Fellow Award, Early Career Award, and nine categories of Student Awards, all of which are presented at the Annual Meeting. SIVB members and students have the opportunity to publish their scientific abstracts and present their research findings in different symposia, poster sessions and competitions. They have the opportunity to interact with our exhibitors, and learn from them about new products, services, publications, and advanced equipment and tools to enhance their in vitro research capabilities. The SIVB was, and continues to be, a Society that provides a welcoming environment that supports respectful and collegial interactions as well as friendly and open-minded discussions between students, members, speakers and guests from different disciplines and sectors in our Annual Meetings and our “Closer Look – Learning from the Past Considering the Future” webinar series.

SIVB journals and publications: The SIVB’s In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology – Animal and In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology – Plant are two peer-reviewed journals that are published and disseminated internationally by Springer Nature. Focusing on the latest research, techniques, and developments in in vitro cultured cells, tissues, and organs from plants and animals, including humans, the In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology journals are indexed and rank in the top 30% of cell biology journals. These titles not only offer an excellent platform for SIVB members and the broader scientific community to publish original research and reviews, but they also serve as an important pillar in the continued growth and scientific impact of our Society. SIVB members receive the Animal or Plant journal based on their choice as part of their membership dues. Do you want to stay tuned with the Society’s activities and its members’ news? In addition to our Journals, the In Vitro Report is a quarterly newsletter and the official online publication of the SIVB. This vibrant, reader-friendly platform contains news from the SIVB’s Sections and Committees, news about the annual meeting, workshops and webinars, highlights of new publications, and news from our members. We look forward to reading more about your research in our In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology journals and in the In Vitro Report!

Our society needs you to make an impact and make a difference! We welcome your participation and involvement in the continued growth and impact of the SIVB, and we hope to help you propel your professional career and personal growth. To join the SIVB or renew your membership visit our website and follow the instructions. Should you have any questions, please contact the SIVB Business Office at (410) 969-7940 or email at [email protected].

Addy Alt-Holland, PhD
SIVB President, 2022 – 2024


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