2021 Posters and Silent Abstracts

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Saturday, June 5
Monday, June 7
Tuesday, June 8
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm EDT
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Animal Poster Sessions


Cell and Tissue Models

A-2006 Effects of Sodium Butyrate and Nitrite on Rainbow Trout Epithelial Cells
N. C. Bols, University of Waterloo, E. Braley, D. Pritchard, J. B. Lee, P. G. Pumputis, V. R. Dayeh, and L. E. J. Lee
A-2007 Contextualizing IP3 Receptor-dependent Astrocytic TGF-β Signaling in Blood-brain Barrier Permeability: A Novel Functional Role
Emily Hashem, Bergen County Academies, and Donna Leonardi
A-2008 Initiation of Cell Cultures from Pandalid Shrimp and Effects of Astaxanthin
L. E. J. Lee, University of the Fraser Valley, S. E. Cho, D. T. Pritchard, and P. W. C. Lee
A-2009 NALP1 as a Possible New Player in Cigarette Smoke Induces Cutaneous Inflammation?
Roxane Prieux, University of Ferrara, Mascia Benedusi, and Giuseppe Valacchi
A-3004 Effects of Oxytocin Analogs on Cellular Signaling and Neurite Outgrowth in Wild Type and OXTR-EGFP Murine Primary Hippocampal Culture
Bisini Panicker, Midwestern University, Supriya Bhuvanagiri, and Marsha L. Pierce
A-3007 The Effect of Epithelial-Stromal Cross-talk on Tumor Cell Metabolism in Basal Cell Carcinoma Development
Tatiana Mendez, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Arietta Rigopoulos, James D. Baleja, and Addy Alt-Holland

Cell Biology

A-2010 Robustness of AFM-based Method to Identify Mechanical Properties of the Cell Body and Pericellular Coat
Nadezda Makarova, Tufts University, and Igor Sokolov
A-2011 Combined Effect of Prenylated Stilbenoids from Peanut and Paclitaxel on Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cell Lines
Sepideh Mohammadhosseinpour, Arkansas State University, Linh-Chi Ho, and Fabricio Medina-Bolivar
A-3008 Investigation of Long dsRNA Mediated RNA Interference (RNAi) In Rainbow Trout
Sarah K.W. Au, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Stephanie J. DeWitte-Orr
A-3009 Tumorigenic Potential of Triclosan, an Antimicrobial Ingredient Found in Common Household Products
Anna A. Heath, Michigan State University, Jamie E. Liebold, Anthony B. Ketner, Lizbeth Lockwood, Michelle C. Schulz, and Brad L. Upham

Cellular and Molecular Biology

A-2012 CRISPR Genetic Engineering of Double Agent STAT3 in MCF7 Human Breast Cancer
Neil Reddy, Satellite High School
A-2013 Effects of Dietary Supplementation with Cabbage Extract on Brain Mineral Compositions and Inflammatory Marker Expressions in SAMP8 Mice
Jia Xiong, North Carolina State University, Sierra Bonney, Fernanda V. Matta, Nick Thompson, and Debora Esposito
A-3010 EphA2 Gene Levels Are Increased in an In Vitro Model of Acquired Tamoxifen Resistance in Breast Cancer
Olivia Godnik, Midwestern University, Hena Contractor, Kelly Keeler, and Kolla Kristjansdottir
A-3011 Investigating the Antitumor Effects of a dsRNA-Nanoparticle Complex in an In Vitro Ovarian Cancer Model
Aaron Lewis, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Stephanie J. DeWitte-Orr

Cellular Pathology

A-2014 Evaluation of Cornulin and DJ-1 as Novel Prognostic Biomarkers for Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Rachna Karumuri, Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Hilal Arnouk

Metabolic Engineering

A-3012 Regulation of Fat Absorption by Peptoanaerobacter stomatis In Vivo and In Vitro
Luis Fred Badang, Midwestern University, Peymaun Mozaffari, Julia Moore, and Kristina Martinez-Guryn


A-3013 Arsenic Trioxide Treatment Reduces Protein Levels of Mutant A NPM1 and Induces Apoptosis in NLF Neuroblastoma Cells
Oveyaa Vignesh, Midwestern University, Kelly Keeler, and Kolla Kristjansdottir

In Vitro Animal Cell Sciences Silent Abstracts

A-2015 First Record of High Mortality of the Cottony Cushion Scale After Application of the Contact DNA Insecticide
N. V. Gal’Chinsky, V. I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, R. Z. Useinov, I. A. Novikov, E. V. Yatskova, A. K. Sharmagiy, Yu. V. Plugatar, and V. V. Oberemok
A-2016 Impact of Klotho Gene Variability and Methylation on Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes
Daniela Naumov, Yale University, Sandra Deslouches, and Yvette Conley
A-3014 Heat Shock Protein 70 & Obesity Resistance: Interplay with Lipid Metabolism
Tori Shock, Midwestern University, Julia Moore, Matthew Pytynia, Mae Ciancio, and Kristina Martinez-Guryn


Plant Poster Sessions



P-2007 Plant Preservative Mixture Increases the Percentage of Walnut Aseptic Shoots
Svetlana Kushnarenko, Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Moldir Aralbayeva, Nazgul Rymkhanova, and Natalya Romadanova
P-2008 In Planta Transformation in Populus and Eucalyptus
Cathleen Ma, Oregon State University, Greg S. Goralogia, and Steven H. Strauss
P-2009 Genetic Transformation of Diverse Maize Inbred Lines via a BBM/WUS2 Morphogene-based “Quick Corn” Protocol
Frank McFarland, University of Wisconsin, Lucas Gontijo Silva Maia, and Heidi Kaeppler
P-2010 Bladderwort Insulator Elements for Crop Biotechnology
Jubilee Park, University of Georgia, Lynsey Kovar, Pete LaFayette, Wayne Parrott, and Jason Wallace
P-2011 Development of Next-generation Transformation Protocols for Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.)
Monica Prias, University of Georgia, Pete LaFayette, Tim Chappell, and Wayne Parrott
P-2012 Homeostasis Between L-Proline Biosynthesis and Degradation Is a Key Indicator for Salinity Tolerance in Common Fig (Ficus carica L.)
Monther T. Sadder, University of Jordan, Ibrahim Alshomali, and Ahmad Ateyyeh
P-3010 Evaluating Targeting Efficiency of CRISPR/Cas9 Under Heat and Cold-inducible Systems in Rice
Zahra Alizada, University of Arkansas, Bhuvan Pathak, Shan Zhao, Soumen Nandy, and Vibha Srivastava
P-3011 In Vitro Cultivation of Selected Strains ofStevia Rebaudiana
Geoffrey Lester, Fort Valley State University, Bipul Biswas, Steven Samuels, Alana Chaney, Clearance Hicks, and Darrel Sparks
P-3012 Abstract has been withdrawn
P-3013 Investigating In Vitro Clonal Progagation of Various Tumeric Germplasms Growing at CAFST-FVSU and Fidelity Testing of In Vitro Raised Plants Using Molecular Markers
Darrell Sparks, Fort Valley State University, Alana Chaney, Clearance Hicks, Geoffrey Lester, Steven Samuels, and Bipul Biswas
P-3014 Plant Cells Produced Biologics for Oral Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Jianfeng Xu, Arkansas State University, Wenzheng Guo, and Carmela Unnold

Cell Biology

P-2013 Doubled Haploid Production in Melon by Isolated Microspore Culture
John Chen, HM. Clause, Elise Vanek, and Mark Pieper

Cellular and Molecular Biology

P-2014 Leaf Culture and Regeneration in Different Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L.) Genotypes
Kedong Da, North Carolina State University, Felicia Shepard, Christie Almeyda, Kenneth Pecota, Wusheng Liu, and Craig G. Yencho
P-2015 Transcript Profiling Reveals the Role of Phytosulfokine Kinase Receptor Gene Family Members in Development and Stress Response in Oryza sativa
 Preeti Nagar, South Asian University, Ashish Kumar, Muskan Jain, Sumita Kumari and Ananda Mustafiz

Genetic Engineering

P-2016 Metabolic Engineering of Energycane for Hyperaccumulation of Lipids in Vegetative Biomass
Viet Dang Cao, University of Florida, Guangbin Luo, Baskaran Kannan, Hui Liu, John Shanklin, Stephen P. Long, and Fredy Altpeter
P-2017 Enhanced Salt Tolerance in CsSOS2 Overexpressing Transgenic Carrizo Citrus Rootstocks
Lamiaa M. Mahmoud, University of Florida, Jude W. Grosser, and Manjul Dutt
P-3015 AtDREB1a Upregulates MAPK and Plant Hormone Signaling Pathways Under Cold Stress in Rice
Bhuvan Pathak, University of Arkansas. and Vibha Srivastava

Genome Editing/Genome Engineering

P-2018 Intra-genomic Gene Targeting In Maize Using Inducible CRISPR-Cas9
Pierluigi Barone, Corteva Agrisciences, E. Wu, B. Lenderts, A. Anand, W. Gordon-Kamm, S. Svitashev, and S. Kumar
P-3016 An Efficient Morphogenic Gene-mediated Transformation Technology for Robust Wheat Genome Modification
Kari Johnson, Corteva Agriscience, Uyen Cao Chu, Emily Wu, Ping Che, Geny Anthony, and Donglong Liu


P-2019 Neither Nutrient Nor Carbohydrate Enrichment of a Liquid Overlay Improved In Vitro Growth or Ex Vitro Survival of Hybrid Almond (Prunus) and Pistachio (Pistacia) Rootstocks
 Miriam Espinoza, Sierra Gold Nurseries, and Micah E. Stevens
P-2020 In Vitro Regeneration Systems of Three Elite Rosa hybrida Cultivars
 Davis Harmon, North Carolina State University, Darren Touchell, Kedong Da, Wusheng Liu, and Tom Ranney

Secondary Metabolism

P-2021 Determination of Total Terpenoid Content in In Vitro Developed Haploid Neem Plants (Azadirachta indica A.Juss.)
Dhiliphan Madhav M C, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, and Rakhi Chaturvedi

Plant Biotechnology Silent Abstracts

P-2022 Influence of Bacterial Strains on the Peroxidase Activity of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench Under Conditions of Moisture Deficit
E. Abdurashytova, FSBSI “Research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea” Simferopol, T. Melnichuk, S. Abdurashytov, and A. Egovtseva
P-2023 Complementation of Long-Distance Movement with Escherichia Phage MS2 Coat Protein in Plants
T. V. Gasanova, Lomonosow Moscow State University, and E. V. Skurat
P-2024 Cell Selection to Increase Deicing Reagents Resistance
Evgeny Aleksandrovich Gladkov, К. А. Timiryazev Institute of Plant Physiology RAS, and Olga Victorovna Gladkova
P-2025 Cell Selection to Increase Cadmium and Copper Resistance
Olga Victorovna Gladkova, Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering, Evgeny Aleksandrovich Gladkov, К. А. Timiryazev Institute of Plant Physiology RAS, and Olga Nikolaevna Gladkova
P-2026 TMV-based Virus Vector Carrying Cucumovirus Coat Protein Gene Forms Stable Infectious Icosahedral Particles in Systemic Leaves of Nicotiana benthamiana
T. V. Gasanova, Lomonosov Moscow State University, E. V. Skurat, and P. A. Ivanov
P-2027 The Influence of Bacillus thuringiensis 0271 and 0371 Strains Сry-proteins on the Biofilm Formation of Bacterial Tomato Cancer Causative Agent
Anastasiia Kryzhko, Research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea
P-2028 Antibacterial Activity of Crambe maritima L. Callus Cultures Against Phytopathogenic Bacteria
Igor Bugara, Taurida Academy, Aleksandr Omelchenko, Lolita Shvedova, Svetlana Zhaldak, and Anastasiia Kryzhko
P-2029 Complete Genome Sequence of the Agrobacterium radiobacter 204, Obtained Using Oxford Nanopore Technologies Sequencing
Yelizaveta Puzanova, Research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea Simferopol, Suleiman Abdurashytov, Tatiana Aksenova, Tatiana Melnichuk, Kirill Gritsevich, and Aleksandr Pinaev
P-2030 Influence of Genotype on the Micropropagation of Thymus Species In Vitro
Arzy Tevfik, Research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea, Natalia Yegorova, and Maria Kovalenko
P-2031 Optimization of Conditions for Obtaining of Origanum Vulgare L. Plant-Regenerants In Vitro
Olga Yakimova, Research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea, Natalia Yegorova, and Elena Myagkih
P-2032 Somaclonal Variability of Regenerants from Callus Culture of Salvia Sclarea L
Natalia Yegorova, Research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea, and Irina Stavtzeva
P-2033 Effect of Culture Conditions on Mint Conservation In Vitro
Margarita Zagorskaya, Research Institute of Agriculture of Crimea, and Natalia Yegorova


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