2024 Posters, Virtual Posters, and Silent Abstracts

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In-Person Poster Presentations


A-2017 Measuring Electric Currents From Piezoelectric Hydrogels
James Baker, Saint Louis University, and S. Zustiak


A-2013 Genetic Analysis of the Viability of Native Trout (Salmo trutta)
Populations in the Face of the Threat of Climate Change
Juan J. Gutierrez-Gonzalez, Universidad de Leon, and Alvaro Francisco Rodriguez-Torres


A-2008 Diphenhydramine and Fexofenadine Alter Function of MIN6 Cells, a Pancreatic Beta Cell Line
Kelly Berk and Elizabeth Barbeau, Midwestern University, P. Lamar, and J. Edwards
A-2018 Development and Uses of Salmonid Cell Lines for Testing Therapeutic Efficacy of LNP-siRNA Formulations Against Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus – Preliminary Findings
Amber M. Feaver, University of the Fraser Valley, Austin Atkins, Gurleen Bawa, Sam Chen, Yuen Yi C. Tam, Lucy E. J. Lee, and Justin B. Lee
A-2024 Investigating Phenotypic and Genomic Variations in Clinical E. coli Isolates Following Passage Through an in vivo Gut Colonization Model
N. Ege, Seres Therapeutics


A-2019 Development of Polyethylene Glycol Hydrogel Drug Delivery Device to Study Intramuscular Adipose Tissue Signaling Rebekah Boos, Saint Louis University, Chang Gui, Gretchen A. Meyer, and Silviya P. Zustiak
A-2020 Applying the 3 R’s of Animal Research to Aquaculture: Developing Cell Culture Models from Fish Offal
Anna M. Bula, University of the Fraser Valley, A. Feaver, and L. E. J. Lee
A-2025 3D Bioprinting the Tumor Microenvironment for Immunotherapy Development
Molly Leyda, Children’s Mercy Kansas City, Tykeem Manor, John Szarejko, G. Doug Myers, and John Perry


A-2009 An Antiviral Response Induced by Double-stranded RNA in Bovine Turbinate Cells Against Vesicular Stomatitis Virus and Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Carly Au, Wilfrid Laurier University, and S. J. DeWitte-Orr
A-2010 Stimulating the dsRNAi Pathway Against H1N1 Influenza Virus Infection
Shawn Carr, Wilfrid Laurier University, and S. DeWitte-Orr
A-2011 Understanding Innate Immune Mechanisms in Non-immune Cells Using Nanoparticles
Nicholas A. Jadaa, Wilfrid Laurier University, and S. J. Poynter
A-2014 Inhibition of JUN N-Terminal Kinase Increases Gene Expression Related to the Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Response and Androgen Production in MA-10 Leydig Cells
Luc J. Martin, Universite de Moncton, A. Basque, and L.S. Izichkis
A-2021 Characterization of the Relationship Between NPM1 and PD-L1 Levels in Cancer Cell Lines
Stacy Kujawa, Midwestern University, Suzanne Beliga, and Kolla Kristjansdottir
A-2022 Characterization of Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus Survival and Infectivity in Seawater
Simon C. Weli, Norwegian Veterinary Institute Ås, Marit M. Amundsen, Ole Bendik Dale, and Sonal Patel
A-2026 Understanding the Impacts of Covid-19 Spike Proteins on Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes, Observable by Protein Markers Staining for Changes in Cell Morphology
Mohuli Ganguly, CARLOW Center for Medical Innovation, and E. Parga
A-2027 Human and Murine Muscle with Decreased HuR Activity Show Hallmarks of Increased Glucose Usage
Carlos J. Crisanto, Christian Brothers University, McKenna K. Chaney, Sujoy Ghosh, and Jaycob D. Warfel


A-2012 Fibrotic Responses Differ After Treatment with Artemisia sp., Artemisinin, and Its Derivatives
Trevor J. Bush, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Pamela Weathers, Melissa Towler, Bushra Hafeez Kiani, David Dolivo, and Tanja Dominko


A-2023 Identification of Metabolic Signatures and Health Measures of Primary Sjogren’s Disease
Tatiana Mendez, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, X. Huang, J. Cimmino, T. Bairos, E. Tzavares, E. Foley, M. Singh, A. Papas, S. Pagni, J. Baleja, and A. Alt-Holland

Virtual Posters


A-2015 Investigating Formaldehyde’s Cytotoxic Effects in MCF7 Human Breast Cancer Cells through Folate-driven One-carbon Metabolism
Neil Reddy, Satellite High School
A-2016 Investigation of Insecticidal Modes of Action on Spodoptera frugiperda Cells Utilizing Cell Painting
Franziska Hecker, University Bielefeld, K. Niehaus, and S. Geibel
A-2028 Elucidating the Proliferative Role of PD-L1 in MCF7 Human Breast Cancer Cells: A CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing Study
Nina Reddy, University of Michigan


A-2029 CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated PFKFB3 Knockout: Implications for MCF7 Human Breast Cancer Metabolism
Nina Reddy, University of Michigan




In-Person Poster Presentations


E-2000 Become a Better and More Confident Communicator Through Toastmasters
Ray D. Shillito, Shillito & Associates LLC, Deepika Chauhan, and and Allan Wenck
E-2002 Enhancing EPS Degradation through Probiotic Supplementation of Zophobas morio
Z. Bruna, Lebanon High School, and R. Emerick


E-2001 The Effect of Vitamin C Treatment on the Growth of Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells
Aditi Kalluru, Nikola Tesla STEM High School



In-Person Poster Presentations


P-2032 Identifying cDNAs in European Alkali Grass (Puccinellia distans) that Confer Resistance to Cadmium (Cd) Toxicity through Yeast Functional Screening
M. Aydin Akbudak, Akdeniz University, and D. Cetin
P-2033 Investigating the Genetic Mechanisms of Low Nitrogen Tolerance in Lolium perenne
Samantha Barker, Purdue University, C. Zhang, and Y. Jiang
P-2034 Off-target Effects of the Site-specific Recombinases in Plants
Xiaotong Chen, Clemson University, Qian Hu, and Hong Luo
P-2035 Integrating Histology and Phytohormone/Metabolite Profiling to Understanding of Yellow Camellia and American Chestnut Cutting Rooting
Xinya Lu, Clemson University, X. Chen, J. Liu, M. Zheng, and H. Liang
P-2036 Plant Cells-produced Anti-TNFα Biomolecules for Oral Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Paula Perez Sanchez, Arkansas State University, Jonathan TrejoMartinez, Wenzheng Guo, and Jianfeng Xu
P-2037 Identifying Factors that Determine Effectiveness of Delivery Agents in Biolistic Delivery Using a Library of Amine-Containing Molecules
Connor Thorpe, Iowa State University, K. Miller, A. Eggenberger, R. Sandhu, K. Lee, M. Kang, F. Liu, K. Wang, S. Jiang
P-2038 Epitranscriptomic RNA Modification in Plant Development and Environmental Stress Adaptation
Ryan H. Watts, Clemson University, Zhaohui Chen, Xiaotong Chen, Andrew Fiorentino, Emma Jensen, Qian Hu, and Hong Luo
P-2039 Cellular Engineering of Plant Cells for Enhanced Recombinant Protein Production
Jianfeng Xu, Arkansas State University, Jacqueline Vargas, and Uddhab Karki
P-2049 Decoding Molecular Landscape of Somatic Cell Regeneration in Plants Using Single-nuclei RNA-sequencing
Arjun Ojha Kshetry, Texas Tech University, Leonidas D’Agostino, Lenin Yong-Villalobos, Feng Zhang, Luis Herrera-Estrella, and Gunvant B. Patil
P-2053 In vitro Assessment of Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Sugar Drip Sorghum: Insights into Drought, Salinity, and Heat Resilience
Amal A. Badr, The American University in Cairo, and Walid M. Fouad
P-2054 Establishment of Regeneration System for Pearl Millet from Different Explants
Amira Khaled, The American University in Cairo, Ashraf H. Fahmy, and Walid M. Fouad
P-2055 Plastomics Chloroplast Trait Delivery Platform
Jeffrey M. Staub, Plastomics Inc.
P-2068 Optimization of High-throughput Gene Editing in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) for Functional Genomics Studies
Andriy Bilichak, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Louie Lopos, Emanpreet Kaur, and Natalia Bykova
P-2069 Application of Temporary-immersion Bioreactors for Large-scale Micropropagation of Fruit, Ornamental Plants, and Conifers
Cuong K. Le, Georgia Institute of Technology, Ulrika Egertsdotter, and Cyrus Aidun
P-2070 The Plant Genetic Engineering Network (PlantGENE): Advancing Plant Bioengineering through Community Engagement
Aimee A. Malzahn, Boyce Thompson Institute, H. Kaeppler, B. Gordon-Kamm, K. Lee, W. Parrott, N. Taylor, V. Veena, and J. Van Eck
P-2071 In vitro Floral Cultures for Plant Transformation/editing
Vladimir Sidorov, Bayer, Peizhen Yang, and Jeff Maughan
P-2072 Heat Shock and Antioxidants Enhance Gene Integration in NIBW (Non-Integrating BBM-WUS2)-mediated Corn Transformation
Easter D. Syombua, University of Missouri, Bing Yang, and Hua Liu
P-2073 Production of Uniformly Transformed Potato Plants Expressing Various Combinations of Natural Host Defense Peptides
Dmytro P. Yevtushenko, University of Lethbridge, and N. Schimpf
P-2074 Production of Natural Products by Using Plant Cell Cultures
David A. Ullisch, Thomas Leibold, and Gilbert G. Gorr
P-2086 Wuschel2 Enables Highly Efficient CRISPR/Cas-targeted Genome Editing During Rapid de novo Shoot Regeneration in Sorghum
Ping Che, Corteva Agriscience, Emily Wu, and Todd J. Jones
P-2087 A Highly Efficient Genotype-independent Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation System in Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)
J. Lawson, Corteva Agriscience, H. -J. Cho, Y. Li, W. Gordon-Kamm, and N. Sardesai
P-2088 A Rapid Method for Measuring Betalain Levels in RUBY-expressing Plant Samples
Dibyajyoti Pramanik, Iowa State University, Keunsub Lee, and Kan Wang
P-2089 Chemical and Heat Pretreatment Improves Maize Leaf Transformation Frequency
Ning Wang, Corteva Agriscience, L. Ryan, E. Wu, T. Jones, N. Sardesai, and W. Gordon-Kamm
P-2104 DOEs: A Fast and Efficient Way to Improve Maize Immature Embryo Transformation
Nathalie Sanyour-Doyel, Corteva Agriscience


P-2040 Phloem-specific Expressed AtROXY Regulates Plant Responses to Low-phosphate Growth Conditions
Jing Huang, Purdue University, and Cankui Zhang
P-2075 Arabidopsis E3 SUMO Ligase SIZ1 Splicing Variant SSV2 is Produced Under High Temperature and Positively Regulates CNGC6-mediated Heat Tolerance
Jun Soo Kwak, Seoul National University, Wang Ki Min, and Hak Soo Seo
P-2090 Target First Approach for in vitro Insect Gut Toxicity
A. Dunn, Bayer Crop Science, J. Jin, W. Rapp, R. Nauen, and S. Kim
P-2106 The Cryopreservation of Psilocybe cubensis Mycelium
Juno McGowan, University of Guelph, Marco Pepe, and Max Jones


P-2056 SLY1-mediated Gibberellin Signaling Is Positively Regulated by Retromer Subunit AtVPS29 in Arabidopsis
Hak Soo Seo, Seoul National University, Wang Ki Min, and Jun Soo Kwak
P-2076 Embryo Rescue, Chromosome Doubling, and Plant Regeneration to Generate Hexaploid Maize
Marion Gaillard, University of Zurich, and U. Grossniklaus
P-2077 RICE FLOWERING ASSOCIATED (RIFLA), an Intronic Long Noncoding RNA, Induces Flowering of Rice by Attenuating OsMADS56 Expression
Wang Ki Min, Seoul National University, Jun Soo Kwak, and Hak Soo Seo
P-2091 Plant Regeneration: To Cell and Back 150px
Kelsey Reed, Virginia Tech, and Bastiaan O. R. Bargmann
P-2092 Exploring the Developmental Genetics and Heterozygosity of Cultivated Bidens
Erika Lesperance, Auburn University, and Daniel S. Jones


P-2057 Progress Towards the Generation of Oily Miscanthus
Anthony Trieu, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, Kiyoul Park, Gopala Battu, Shilpa Manjunatha, Madison Seaber, Erik Sacks, Tom Clemente, Nancy Reichert, Edgar Cahoon, and Kankshita Swaminathan
P-2058 Enhancing the Transformation and Regeneration of Tropical Inbred Lines Through the Application of Calcium Channel Blockers
Jaclyn Uy, University of Hawaii, T. Amore, and M. Muszynski
P-2079 Exploring Promoters and Cas9 Variants to Improve Gene Editing Efficiency in Microvine
Shivani Shivani, USDA-ARS, T. Mohr, J. Horstman, and R. Thilmony
P-2093 Development of Purple Leaved Peperomia clusiifolia through Genetic Transformation of a Grapevine VvMybA1 Gene
Jianjun Chen, University of Florida, Min Li , Jietang Zhao, Dongliang Qiu, and Heqiang Huo
P-2094 Engineering Synthetic Gene Circuits in Citrus Crops to Tackle Editing Challenges
Diego Lagos-Susaeta, Meristem SpA, Karina Olivos, Maria Jose Montañola, Tomás Norambuena, Ignacia Fuentes, and Bernardo Pollak
P-2095 Identification of Maize Genomic Introgressions Associated with Transformability Through Wuschel2/Baby Boom-Mediated Transformation
F. McFarland, Corteva Agriscience, Brian Martinell, Lucas Maia, Shawn M. Kaeppler, and Heidi F. Kaeppler
P-2096 USAID Feed the Future Global Biotech Potato Partnership: Deploying Stacked R-genes Late Blight Resistant Potatoes and Development of Stacked Multiple Disease Resistance Potatoes
Kelly A. Zarka, Michigan State University, David S. Douches, Marc Ghislain, Phillip Wharton, Robert Potter, Erick Magembe, Janet Fierro, Daniel Zarka, Steven Longabaugh, and Angela Manjichi


P-2041 Expanding the Deletion Profile of Cas9 and Cas12a in Rice through Direct Exonuclease Fusion
Joshua Clem, University of Maryland, X. Wang, A. Malzahn, and Y. Qi
P-2042 Investigation of Genetic Determinants Responsible for Citrus HLB Disease Development via Genome Editing
Javier L. Dalmendray, University of Florida, and N. Wang
P-2043 Advancing Wheat Virus Resistance through Gene Editing of 4E (eIF4E)
Giovanna T. S. Moreira, Kansas State University, John P. Fellers, Veerendra Sharma, and Harold N. Trick
P-2045 CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Gene Editing of Octoploid Strawberry (Fragaria ×ananassa) for Reduced Runner Production
Kaitlyn Vondracek, University of Florida, Fredy Altpeter, Tie Liu, and Seonghee Lee
P-2059 A Blushing Success with RUBY: Optimizing and Investigating Transformability and Genome Editing of Elite Soybean Cultivar
Hien Thuy Bui, University of Missouri, Nirmal Khadka, Ekkachai Ehwanbua, Steve Whitham, and Bing Yang
P-2060 Chromosome Engineering for Crop Improvement
Lanie Feigenbutz, Corteva Agriscience, Brian Lenderts, Grace St. Clair, Blake Nordman, Eric Stuart, Nathalie Sanyour-Doyel, Pierluigi Barone, Steven McKay, Victor Llaca, Praveena Parakkal, Mark Jung, John Woodward, Kevin Fengler, Hyeon-Je Cho, Andy Baumgarten, Jeffry Sander, and Sergei Svitashev
P-2061 THCA-Free Cannabis sativa via Gene Editing Using a Meristem-based Transformation Method
Lucas Gontijo Silva Maia, University of Wisconsin – Madison, X. Wang, E. J. Williams, N. Walter, R. Collier, A. Peickert, M. Petersen, H. F. Kaeppler, and S. Kaeppler
P-2062 Advancing Tissue Culture Systems for Agrobacterium-mediated and Transgene-free Gene Editing in Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa)
Antt Htet Wai, University of Florida, Cheol-Min Yoo, Kaitlyn Vondracek, and Seonghee Lee
P-2080 Developmental Regulator (DR) enabled Soybean Transformation
Anshu Alok, University of Minnesota, Gunvant Patil, and Feng Zhang
P-2097 W.Murcott (C.reticulata x C.sinensis) Protoplasts Editing Platform as a Model to Overcome Fruit Trees Editing Challenges
Maria Jose Montañola, Meristem SPA, Andrea Galaz, César Valenzuela, Ignacia Fuentes, Diego Lagos, Tomás Norambuena, and Bernardo Pollak
P-2098 Genome Editing of eIF4E and eIF(iso)4E: Paving the Way for PRSV-Resistant Papaya Varieties
Jesse Potts, University of Florida, Sarah Brewer, Alan Chambers, and Xingbo Wu
P-2099 Recombinase-Based Strategy for Targeted Gene Stacking in Plants
Katie Toomey, University of Georgia, Pete LaFayette, and Wayne Parrott
P-2100 Discovery and Validation of Conserved Cold Stress Response Regulators Between Arabidopsis and Tomato
Xiaojin Wang, Purdue University, and Kranthi Varala


P-2066 In vitro Co-culture System for Investigating Armillaria Root Rot in Prunus spp. Using a Fiber-supported Liquid Approach
Stephen Parris, Clemson University, Alejandro Calle, Jeffrey Adelberg, Guido Schnabel, Jacqueline Naylor-Adelberg, Jhulia Gelain, Yeter Karakoc, Jared Weaver, Christopher Saski, and Ksenija Gasic


P-2063 Applications of Plant Tissue Culture to Improve the Efficiency of Elite Clone Identification in Cannabis sativa
Madeleine Baker, University of Guelph, D. Remillard, J. Strain, and A. M. P. Jones


P-2046 Identification of Active Compounds from Artemisa annua and A. afra Extract that Affects Non-replicating Hypoxic Tuberculosis
Pamela J. Weathers, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, J. Kellogg, M. Alonso, R. T. Jordan, J. Xiao, J. Cafiero, T. Bush, X. Chen, M. Towler, and S. Shell


P-2064 Multifaceted Approach to Understand the Survival Mechanism of High Altitude, Perennial and Endangered Medicinal Plant Nardostachys jatamansi
Shubham Joshi, CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology, and Rohit Joshi
P-2065 Heterogametic (XXY) Triploids Provide Insights into Sex Determination Mechanisms in Cannabis
Nathan Paul, University of Guelph, B. Yanush, A. Monthony, D. Torkamaneh, and A. M. P. Jones

Establishing Medicinal Plant Cell Lines for the Production of Anticancer Agents




Antonio Sassano, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, C. Brzycki Newton, and S. Roberts

P-2101 Characterization and Potential Applications of Stage-Specific Metabolites during Somatic Embryogenesis in Carrots and Ginseng
Jong-Eun Han, Chungbuk National University, Han-Sol Lee, Eun-Jeong Son, and So-Young Park


P-2047 In Vitro Rooting and Associated QTL Discovery of UCB-1 Pistachio (Pistacia atlantica x P. integerrima) Rootstocks
Miriam Carrasco Espinoza, Sierra Gold Nurseries, and Micah E. Stevens
P-2067 Effects of Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) on the In Vitro Development of Yam (Dioscorea rotundata L.) Plants
Yetunde Ruth Oluwasegun, University of Ibadan and International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, E. Uchendu, A. Adeyemi, and M. T. Abberton
P-2082 Optimizing Media to Increase Lateral Bud Production in the Critically Endangered Hinckley’s Oak (Q. hinckleyi)
Max Winkeljohn, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, and V. Pence



P-2048 Elucidating the Long Distance Signaling Molecules Triggered by Contrasting Sulfur Availability in the Root System that Influence Deficiency Responses in Arabidopsis thaliana
Juliana Miranda Rodriguez, Purdue University, and C. Zhang


P-2050 Arabidopsis thaliana Plants Treated with Encapsulated Salicylic Acid Show Improved Tolerance to Abiotic Stress
Carolina Clausell-Terol, Universitat Jaume I, J. Sampedro-Guerrero, V. A. Avendaño, A. Dalmau-Balaguer, and A. Gómez-Cadenas
P-2051 Encapsulated Abscisic Acid as a Powerful Tool to Improve Arabidopsis thaliana Salt Stress Tolerance
Aurelio Gómez-Cadenas, University Jaume I, J. Sampedro-Guerrero, A. Dalmau-Balaguer, V. A. Avendaño, and C. Clausell-Terol


P-2083 Characterization of Phenylalanine Ammonia-lyases (PALs) in Arabidopsis thaliana
Lizhi Cheng, Purdue University, Claire Elizabeth Nowak, Max Boxell, Miray Simsek, Arunima Gupta, Prashant Anupama-Mohan Pawar, and Clint Chapple

Virtual Posters


P-2044 Optimization of Genetic Transformation and Regeneration in Theobroma cacao, The Chocolate Tree
Jishnu Bhatt, Pennsylvania State University, M. Guiltinan, and S. Maximova


P-2084 Morphological Changes and Increased Accumulation of Glycosylated Phenylethanoids by Indole Butyric Acid Addition in Tecoma stans In Vitro Seedlings
Eduardo Anaya Esteban, Universidad del Papaloapan, D. Paniagua Vega, N. H. Waksman Minsky, and A. A. Huerta Heredia


P-2105 Development of Haploid Embryos from Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) by Anther Culture
Ayyagari Ramlal, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Deepshikha Sharma, Sanjay Kumar Lal, Dhandapani Raju, Manisha Saini, Akshay Talukdar, Bingi Pujari Mallikarjun, Sreeramanan Subramaniam, and Ambika Rajendran


P-2052 Enhancing Drought and Arsenic Resistance in Oryza sativa by Hyperexpression of OsNIP2;1, OsNIP3;2 and OsPIP2;2 Aquaporin Genes
Prisha Bhat, Plano East Senior High School, and S. Bhat
P-2085 Ectopic Expression of Baby Boom and Wuschel 2 Facilitates CRISPR/Cas9 Based Gene Editing in Maize Inbred B73
Hua Liu, University of Missouri, Si Nian Char, Jacob Kelly, Eric A. Schmelz, David M. Braun, Blake C. Meyers, James A. Birchler, and Bing Yang
P-2102 Genome-wide Identification of the Lipoxygenase Gene Family in Coconut
D. V. Lokuwalpola, University of Colombo, and D. Bandupriya
P-2103 Trends in Accumulation of Pharmacologically Important Antioxidants in Callus Cultures of Rice
D. G. Rathnasiri, University of Colombo, and D. Bandupriya