2019 In Vitro Biology Meeting

For your viewing convenience, the 2019 In Vitro Biology Meeting Final Program has been broken down by day.

Keynote Speaker

Synthetic Biology for Engineering Plant Genetic Circuits: from Predictable Electronic-like Functions to Innovative Desalination

June Medford, Professor of Biology at Colorado State University

June Medford completed her PhD at Yale University and is a currently a Professor of Biology at Colorado State University. She is a recognized world leader in plant synthetic biology. Dr. Medford is at the forefront in developing methodologies and applications for synthetic biology implemented in plants. She developed the first plant sentinels, plants transformed with the computationally designed ability to detect and respond to exogenous substances (featured on the television program, NOVA), programmable genetic controllers, and new technology, a synthetic desalination circuit. Dr. Medford serves on three Editorial Boards for synthetic biology journals and active in numerous Synthetic Biology organizations from EBRC (Leadership Council) to GP-write (Scientific Executive Committee). Dr. Medford is active in promoting the use of plant synthetic biology to a wide audience of scientists and policy makers both in the U.S. and U.K.


Humans have long searched field and forest for food, materials and other products to meet their needs. Our technologically advanced societies today still require these items, but often acquire them through means that are not sustainable. Working with plant synthetic biology we have designed, engineered and produced new traits for human and environmental use. We will describe production of quantitative controls that enable predictable and programmable functions. Our synthetic biology understanding led to our design and development of a synthetic desalination circuit that enables green plants to purify salt water. Our desalination circuit provides new insight to engineer salt tolerance in crops and, with enhancement, offers a tantalizing and sustainable approach that could produce fresh water for human and environmental use.

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