Poster Sessions

For your viewing convenience, the 2017 In Vitro Biology Meeting Final Program has been broken down by day.

Daily Program
2017 In Vitro Biology Meeting
June 10
Keynote Symposium Plant Contributed Papers
June 11
Plenary Symposia Animal Posters
June 12
Animal Symposia and Workshops Education Silent Abstracts
June 13
Education Symposia and Workshops Plant Posters
June 14
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Poster Sessions Animal Contributed Papers Late Submission Abstracts and Index

Poster Presentation Schedule

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
8:00 am – 9:30 pm
8:00 am – 10:00 pm
8:00 am – 3:30 pm

Posters mounted in Ballroom C on Saturday, June 10 from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm.
Posters removed on Tuesday, June 13, from 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm.
Poster authors will be present at their posters the following days and times:

Even Authors Present
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Odd Authors Present
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Even Authors Present
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Odd Authors Present
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Animal and Education Poster Sessions

A-2014 Real Time Assay for Apoptosis Using Complementation of Annexin V Luciferase Fragments
Terry Riss, Promega Corporation, Kevin Kupcho, John Shultz, Jim Hartnett, Robin Hurst, Wenhui Zhou, and Andrew Niles
A-3000 Asialoerythropoietin Suppresses MST1 Activation In Pancreatic Beta-cells
Elena Arthur, North Carolina Central University, Farooqahmed Kittur, Lin Yuan, Chiu-Yueh Hung, and Jiahua (Jay) Xie

A-2006 Over-expression of Recombinant Human Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha in a Salt Inducible E.coli Stain (GJ1158).
Amit Dadarya Gupta, Dr. H. S. Gour University, Diamond Jain, Satya Narayan Pradhan, Subodh Kumar Jain

A-3001 Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase Inhibitors and Nicotinamide Suppress Expression of Senescence-specific Phenotypes in Cultured Normal Human Cells, an In Vitro Aging Model
Koozi Matuoka, Chiba Institute of Science, Keiko Sasaki, and Kuang Yu Chen

A-2008 Differential Effects of Oxidative Stress on Cerebral and Cerebellar Neurons Cultured from the Embryonic Chick Brain
George Gomez, University of Scranton, and Erika Beyrent
A-2009 The First Wave of Inflammation: Elucidating the Ability of AF and NP Cells to Respond to IVD Herniation Triggered Damage
Matthew Guerreiro, Wilfrid Laurier University, B. Laird, D. E. Gregory, and S. J. DeWitte-Orr

A-2002 TRP Channels as Novel Insecticide Target
Ramani Kandasamy, BASF Corporation, Damian London, Lynn Stam, Wolfgang von Deyn, Xilong Zhao, Vincent L Salgado, and Alexandre Nesterov
A-2010 Oxidative Stress-induced Tau Hyperphosphorylation and Redistribution in Cultured Chick Embryonic Brain Neurons.
Erika Beyrent, University of Scranton, and George Gomez
A-2011 Identifying Cytoplasmic DNA Sensors, DHX9 and DDX3, in Rainbow Trout
Shanee Herrington-Krause, Wilfrid Laurier University
A-3002 Live Cell Imaging System for Cell Culture Evaluation by Cell Culture Observation System
Miho K. Furue, NIKON Corporation, Mika Suga, Hiroaki Kii, Hiroko Eimori, Tomoro Dan, and Yasujiro Kiyota
A-3003 Bromodomain Proteins as Novel Therapeutic Targets in Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Yuan You, University of New Haven, and Michael J. Rossi

A-3004 Neuroprotective Effect of the Human Adipose Stem Cell Secretome
Theresa M. Curtis, State University of New York at Cortland, Joseph Hannett, Rebecca M. Harman, and Gerlinde R. Van de Walle
A-3005 Inhibition of Exendin-4-induced Steatosis by Protein Kinase A in Cultured HepG2 Human Hepatoma Cells
G. Hammel, University of Scranton, A. Y. Chen-Liaw, and George Gomez
A-3006 An In Vitro Model of Airway Fibroblast Functions to Assess Airway Remodeling in Asthma
Victoria L. Mcquade, Duke University, Jingjing Niu, Barbara Theriot, David D’Alessio, Mary Jane Cunningham, Loretta Que, and Jennifer L. Ingram
A-3007 In Vitro Responses of Lake Sturgeon Cell Lines to a Common Lampricide TFM Are Correlated With Its Known Whole-fish Sensitivity
Nguyen T. K. Vo, Wilfrid Laurier University, Levi Moore, Katelin W. Spiteri, and Stephanie J. DeWitte-Orr

A-3008 Role of Dietary Factors and Heat Shock Protein 70 Expression in Colorectal Cancer Development by 4-nitroquinoline-1-oxide
Daniel Oswald, Midwestern University, Andrew Ngyuen, Matthew Pytynia, Sarah Veen, Alice Meyer, Christian C. Evans, and Mae J. Ciancio

A-2012 Effects of Resveratrol on Contractions of the Rat Tail Artery: Role of Endothelium
Ian VanAntwerp, Midwestern University, Laura Phelps, and Jacob Peuler
A-3009 Maltooligosaccharide Chemosensation by Intestinal Enteroendocrine L-Cells Regulate the Endogenous Release of Gut Hormones and Glucose Homeostasis
Marwa El Hindawy, Purdue University, Choon Young Kim, and Bruce R. Hamaker
A-3010 Anti-inflammatory Response of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells to TNF-α Stimulation
Shiva Hamidian Jahromi, University of Toronto, Yunqing Li, and John E. Davies
A-3011 Impact of HSP70 Expression in Preventing Male Infertility in Obese Mice
Jennie Oko, Midwestern University, Emily Hayes, Ketjona Deli, Matthew Pytynia, Sophie La Salle, and Mae J. Ciancio
A-3012 Do Antibiotics or Fecal Microbiota Transplants Alter the Development of Obesity in Sedentary Mice?
Nicholas Smith, Midwestern University, Mae J. Ciancio, Matt Pytynia, Marc Scheetz, Vanessa Leone, and Christian C. Evans
A-3014 RTgut-GC and RTS11-GFP Cell Lines as In Vitro Models to Study Fish Gut Physiology and Enteritis
Lucy EJ Lee, University of the Fraser Valley, Harshraj Sidhu, Veronica Kobes, Patrick Pumputis, and Niels C Bols

A-2013 Eicosanoid Inhibitors Impact Protein Expression in an Insect Cell Line
Cynthia L. Goodman, USDA, ARS, BCIRL, Tamra R. Lincoln, Yaofa Li, Joseph Ringbauer, Jr, Kaile Zhou, and David Stanley

A-3013 Estimation of the Safety of Oligoring Insecticide on Bone Marrow Cells of Domestic Bull Bos Taurus Taurus L.
V. V. Oberemok,  Crimean Federal V.I. Vernadsky University, K.V. Laikova, P. M. Nyadar, A. G. Barsegan, N. V. Gal’chinsky, M. N. Shumskykh, S. A. Nazarov, I. S. Kashapova, I. V. Chivilev, E. V. Kornienko, A.L. Arhipova, S. N. Kovalchuk, and  G. Yu Kosovskiy

E-2000 Cold-inducing P. fusiformis Prior to Cryopreservation Causes an Increase in Irregular Cell Morphology and Nucleic Fragmentation Post-cryopreservation
Savannah E. Del Cid, Sherando High School
E-2001 Healing Effect of Chitosan Gel Produced by an Environmental Friendly Method
Irina A.Roldán, Student Escuela Agropecuaria Provincial Nº 1, Aylen A. Oviedo, and María P.  Ruiz.
E-2002 The Impact of Artificial Electromagnetic Fields on Planarian Magnetoreception
Adele Shirmer, West Perry High School
E-2003 Does Parkinson’s Disease Protein α-synuclein Protect Melanoma Cells from the Anti-cancer Drug Hydroxyurea?
Alex Witt, Caddo Parish Magnet High School
E-3000 The Effects of Cellular Characteristics and Nutritional Factors on Dichloroacetate Resistance in Human Breast Cancer Cells
Minu Kim, Korea Science Academy of KAIST, Hyobin Seok, Seulki You, Minyoung Choi, and Kwangil Kang

Plant Poster Sessions

P-2013 In Vitro Morphogenetic Capacity of Persimmon Microshoots
Valentina Brailko, FSBSI “The Order of the Red Banner Nikita Botanical Garden, Natalya Ivanova, and Irina Mitrofanova
P-2014 Antimicrobial Compounds from Callus Cultures of Capparis cartilaginea from Oman
Sardar A. Farooq, Sultan Qaboos University, and Basma K. Al-Amri
P-2015 Cryopreservation of Three Different Mentha × piperita L. Cultivars Via Droplet Vitrification Technique
Serdar Isik, Mulga Sitki Koçman University, and Ergun Kaya
P-2016 Exploring the Role of Multiple Glyoxalase Genes in Plants
Ananda Mustafix, South Asian University, Muskan Jain, Rituraj Batth, and Sumita Kumari
P-2017 Fertilization, Drying and Obtaining of Steviosides in Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni
Tomas Rodriguez Garcia, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, and Silvia Evangelista Lozano
P-2018 Phytochemical Screening of the Ethanol Extracts from Different Parts of Lentisk (Pistacia lentiscus L.) by LC-MS/MS
Veysel Süzerer, Bingől University/Ístanbul University/Gebze Technical University, Mustafa Abdullah Yílmaz, Egnin Tilkat, Abdulselam Ertaş, Hilal Surmus Asan, Serkan Yiğitkan, and Ahmet Onay
P-3000 Biosafety of Plant Research in Greenhouses and Other Specialized Containment Facilities
Dann Adair, Conviron, Sue Tolin, Anne K. Vidaver, and Ruth Irwin
P-3001 Development of an Efficient Gene Editing System for Hexaploid Sweetpotato
Foaziatu Bukari, Tuskegee University, Sy Traore, Marceline Egnin, Osagie Idehen, Gregory C. Bernard, Conrad Bonsi, and Stanton Gelvin
P-3002 Cell-penetrating Peptides for Biomolecule Delivery Into Plant Cells
Delaney Bray-Stone, University of Guelph, D. Wolyn, and A. M. P. Jones
P-3003 A Soybean Glycinin Promoter Drives High Cotyledon-enhanced Expression in Both Somatic and Zygotic Embryos
Eric A. Dean, The Ohio State University, and John J. Finer
P-3004 Key Roles for Soil Microbiota in In Vivo and in In Vitro Plant Systems
Barbara Doyle Prestwich, School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences, Saoirse O. Neill, Jack Daly, and Darren Heenan-Daly
P-3005 The Importance of Professional Organisations Such as the International  Association for Plant Biotechnology  (IAPB) in Supporting the Industry and in Communicating Science
Barbara Doyle Prestwich, School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences, Eoin Lettice, Ewen Mullins, and Norma Cotter
P-3006 Genetically Modified TMV Particles May Serve as a Carrier for Chemical Conjugation of Influenza Antigens to Produce Multivalent Nanovaccines
Tatiana Gasanova, Lomonosov Moscow State University, and Peter Ivanov
P-3007 Direct Cryopreservation of Florida Native Orchid Seed
Benjamin A. Hughes, University of Florida, and Michael E. Kane
P-3008 Gene Stacking into an Engineered “Safe-Harbor” Locus of Sugarcane
Ratna Karan, University of Florida – IFAS, Yang Zhao, Georgina Sanahuja, Jae Yoon Kim, Je Hyeong Jung, and Fredy Altpeter
P-3009 GWAS Identification of Loci Associated with Rooting in POPULUS
Cathleen Ma, Oregon State University, Anna C. Magnuson, Christine Zawaski, Wellington Muchero, Jialin Yuan, Yuan Jiang, Fuxin Li, Jonathan R. Cumming, Steve P. DiFazio, and Steven H. Strauss
P-3010 Improved Direct Transformation via Particle Bombardment of Split-immature Embryos in Soybean (Glycine max)
Tejinder Mall, Dow AgroSciences LL, Siva Chennareddy, Toby Cicak, Katherine Effinger, Dayakar Pareddy, and Rodrigo Sarria
P-3011 The Use of Morphogenic Regulators BABY BOOM and WUSCHEL to Mediate Transformation of Recalcitrant Maize Inbred B73 and Sorghum P898012
Muruganantham Mookkan, University of Missouri, Kimberly Nelson-Vasilchik, Joel Hague, Maria A. Moreno, Stephen Dellaporta, Zhanyuan J. Zhang, and Albert Kausch
P-3012 Genetic Transformation Approaches to Improve Citrus Greening Tolerant/Resistance in Citrus Trees
Ahmad A. Omar, University of Florida, Abdullah M. Shohael, and Jude W. Grosser
P-3013 Cell Fusion: A New Method for Transferring Cytoplasmic or Nuclear Traits Between Plants
Vladimir Sidorov, Monsanto Company, Chuck Armstrong, Thomas Ream, Xudong Ye, and Annie Saltarikos
P-3014 Seed and Pollen Sterility via EcoRI Expression in Genetically Engineered Rice
Tammy L. Stackhouse, University of Tennessee, Reginald J. Millwood, Francisco J. Palacios, Yi Sang, and C. Neal Stewart, Jr.
P-3015 Development of a High-throughput Protoplast Transformation System for Rapid Screening of Transgenes and Regulatory Elements in Soybean (Glycine max L.)
Mst Shamira Sultana, University of Tennessee, Taylor P. Frazier-Douglas, Reginald J. Millwood, Scott C. Lenaghan, and C. Neal Stewart ,Jr.
P-3016 A Rapid Transformation Method for Switchgrass Using Culm Tissue
Ning Wang, DuPont Pioneer, Keith Lowe, Wayne Parrott, and William Gordon-Kamm
P-3017 Plant Cell Secreted Growth Factor Tailored to Hematopoietic Stem Cell Application
Xiaoting Wang, Arkansas State University, and Jianfeng Xu
P-3018 Trait Research: Gene Discovery and Validation at Bayer Crop Science
Trait Research Bayer CropScience, Bayer CropScience
P-3019 Changes in Soil Microbial Community Diversity in Response to Agrochemical Selective Pressure in a Packed-bed Reactor System
Hunter D. Whittington, NC State University, M. Andrea Azcarate-Peril, Mahatam Singh, and Jose M. Bruno-Barcena
P-3020 Engineering Designer Glycopeptides as a Molecular Carrier for Directing Cell Wall Depolymerizing Enzymes Accumulation in Planta
Tristen Wright, Arkansas State University, Hong Fang, Ningning Zhang, Gregory Phillips, Brett Savary, and Jianfeng Xu
P-3021 Hydroxyproline-O-glycosylation: Application for Engineering Novel Designer Biopolymers in Planta for Enhanced Plant-based Production
Jianfeng Xu, Arkansas State University, Ningning Zhang, Tristen Wright, Gregory Phillips, and Brett Savary
P-3050 Application of Bean Based Transient Technology for Novel Insecticidal Protein Discovery
Jim English, DuPont Pioneer, Matthew J. Heckert, Janet Rice, Natalie Stoner, Deborah Clark, Ericka Veliz, and Jennifer Barry

P-3022 Regulation of Cell Wall Strength and Salt Tolerance by The Arabidopsis MUR4
Omar Zayed, Purdue University, and Chunzhao Zhao
P-3023 Cytological and Biochemical Change in Plant Cell Under In Vitro Selection and In Vivo Culture of Onion (Allium Cepa)
Abdelrahem A. Yousef, Agriculture Research Center, A. T. Abdel-Rahem, K. Z. Ahmed, and S. A. Osman

P-3024 Microbial Community Structure in Rhizosphere of Arsenic Hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata Grown on Arsenic-Contaminated Soil
Osagie Idehen, Tuskegee University, Marceline Egnin, Ramble Ankumah, Raymon Shange, Gregory C. Bernard, Conrad Bonsi, and Foaziatu Burkari

P-3025 Evaluation of Plant Extracts on Root-Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne Spp.)  Under In Vitro and In Planta Conditions
Gregory C. Bernard, Tuskeegee University, Marceline Egnin, Willard Collier, Melanie Groves, Osagie Id
ehen, Foaziatu Bukari, Conrad Bonsi, Desmond Mortley, and Kathy Lawrence

P-3026 Exposing Undergraduates to Plant Cell Culture Techniques Through Designed Regeneration of Saintpaula Cultivars
Marceline Egnin, Tuskegee University, Larencia Williams, Foaziatu Bukari, Osagie Idehen, Gregory C. Bernard, Candice Gresham, Donald Brooks, Capri Charlston, Sadiyyah Muhammad, Lashachiah Parks, Jacob Fitch, Melanie Groves, Anna Cobb, and iBREED
P-3027  Profiling and Quantification of Phytocannabinoids for the Classification of Cannabis sativa L.
S. Chandra, The University of Mississippi, H. Lata, C. Gon, I. A. Khan, and M. A. ElSohly
P-3028 Further Studies of Putative Gametic Calli from Soybean Anther Cultures
Martina Garda and Bretton Hale, Arkansas State University, M. Lowe, S. Goodling, N. Rao, K. Bade, and G. C. Phillips
P-3029  Direct Embryogenesis from Maize Embryos and Leaves
Todd Jones, DuPont Pioneer, Keith Lowe, George Hoerster, Ning Wang, Maurcio LaRota, Craig Hastings, and William Gordon-Kamm

P-3030 Development of an Efficient Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation Method for Octaploid Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.)
Manmeet Singh, Simplot Plant Sciences, Eric Zinn, and Troy Weeks

P-2019 Expression of uidA in Lilium longiflorum, the Easter Lily, Under Control of Either the Rice RPC1, rolD, mas2, or CaMV 35S Promoter
Kathryn Kamo, USDA, Roger Thilmony, and Gary Bauchan
P-3031 Rapid and Efficient Production Maize Transformation at DuPont Pioneer
M. Arling, DuPont Pioneer, T. Hu, N. Wang, A. Anand, K. Dan, W. J. Gordon-Kamm, M. Hastings, G. Hoerster, W. Hua, M. Klein, K. Lowe, J. May, J. Martinac, L. Ryan, C. Sweeny, E. Wu, J. Xu, Y. Yan, J. Chow-Yiu, L. Zhi, W. Zhu, Y. Zhu, and J. Zobrist
P-3032 Advances in Gene Editing of Animals and Plants at Precision BioSciences
David Nicholl, Precision BioSciences, D. MacLeod, J. Antony, A. Martin, R. Moser, A. Hekele, K. Wetzel, A. Brown, M. Triggiano, J. Hux, C. Pham, V. Bartsevich, C. Turner, J. Lape, S. Kirkland, C. Beard, J. Smith, M. Hirsch, M. Nicholson, D. Jantz, B. McCreedy, J. Wilkinson, S. Dura, K. Mayo, A. Reaves, M. Nguyen, and J. Salmeron

P-3033 Shoot Regeneration from Leaves of Rootstock M9 and M26 and Virus Elimination in Malus pumila
Jin-Ho Kim, Chungbuk National University, Byung-Jin Cha, Daeil Kim, and So-Young Park

P-2020 Compartmentalized Overexpression of a Synthetic Geranyl Pyrophosphate Synthase and Its Regulation on Plant Growth and Metabolism
Gui Li, North Carolina State University, Xiaoming Ji, Sarah Swantko, and Deyu Xie
P-2021 Detection of Glucosinolates in Moringa oleifera Lam
Natividad Nava Gutierrez, Instituto Politécnico Nacional

P-3034 Modelling Ion Requirements of Hazelnuts Using Decision Tree Analyses
Meleksen Akin, Igdir University, Ecevit Eyduran, Randall P. Niedz, and Barbara M. Reed
P-3035 A System for Passive Humidity Control of in vitro Culture Vessels
K. F. Piunno, University of Guelph, and A. M. P. Jones
P-3036 Comparative In Vitro Growth and Corm Formation of Sagitaria latifolia Genotypes Paulina H. Quijia, University of Florida, and Michael E. Kane
P-3037 Regeneration of Agave angustifolia Plants Through Somatic Embryogenesis
Jesús Ignacio Reyes-Díaz, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Amaury Martín Arzate-Fernandez, and José Luis Piña Escutia
P-3038 Evaluation of Media Formulations for In Vitro Sweetpotato
Thomas W. Zimmerman,
University of the Virgin Islands Agricultural Experiment Station
P-3051 Developing a Vibrant and Sustainable Jamaican Industry with Bambusa vulgaris: Establishing Standard Macro and Micropropagation Protocols as a Key Part in the Process
Sylvia Mitchell, University of the West Indies
P-3052 Elucidating and Engineering the Role of Arabinogalactan Proteins in the Loblolly Pine Somatic Embryogenesis Culture System
Elizabeth M. Cummings Bende, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Kara P. Upton, Marcus P. Lundgren, and Susan C. Roberts

P-2022 Application of Chemical Mutagenesis to Increase the Resistance of Coffee (Cofeea arabica L.) to Leaf Rust (Hemileia vastatrix)
Andrés Gatica Arias, Sr.,  University of Costa Rica, Cesar Vargas-Segura, Karla Sánchez-Aguilar, Ana Tapia Fernández, Emanuel Araya, and Marta Valdez Melara
P-2023 Enhancement of Shelf Life of Nectarines Using Hexanal
Shanthanu Krishna Kumar, University of Guelph, Gopinadham Paliyath, Alan J. Sullivan, and Jayasankar Subramanian

P-3039 Tea (Camellia sinensis) MYB4a Negatively Regulates Plant Phenylpropanoid Biosynthesis
Mingzhuo Li, Anhui Agricultural University, Yanzhi Li, Lili Guo, Niandi Gong, Yongzheng Pang, Wenbo Jiang, Yajun Liu, Xiaolan Jiang, Lei Zhao, Yunsheng Wang , De-Yu Xie, Liping Gao, and Tao Xia

P-3040 Extensive Probing of Elicited Plant Cell Cultures for Anticancer Activity
Kathryn Bumila, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Susan Roberts
P-3041 Improvement of Biosynthesis and Accumulation of Secondary Metabolites by Elicitation in Adventitious Root Cultures of Echinacea purpurea
Thanh-Tam Ho, Chungbuk National University, Kyung-Ju Lee, Kee-Yoeup Paek, and So-Young Park
P-3042 Metabolic Profiling of Secondary Metabolites in Hairy Root Culturesof Polygonum multiflorum Using an HPLC and FT-IR Methods
Thanh-Tam Ho, Chungbuk National University, Kee-Yoeup Paek, and So-Young Park
P-3043 Biotic Elicitors Induced Differential Growth Characteristics and Ginsenoside Contents in Mutant Adventitious Root Cultures of Panax ginseng
Kim-Cuong Le, Chungbuk National University, Wan-Taek Im, Kee-Yoeup Paek, and So-Young Park
P-3044 Comparison of Cell Culture System and Adventitious Root Culture System in Panax ginseng and Panax quinquefolius
Jong-Du Lee, Chungbuk National University, Kim-Cuong Le, Kee-Yoeup Paek, So-Young Park

P-2024 Role of the Antioxidant Enzymatic System in the Response of Paulownia tomentosa Explants to Salt Stress During The In Vitro Multiplication Stage
Abel Piqueras, CEBAS, Guiliano Pechar, Jose Antonio Hernandez, and Pedro Diaz-Vivancos
P-2025 Abiotic Stresses and Callus Tissue Photomorphogenesis of Different Wheat Species
Nina Terletskaya, Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology
P-3045 Comparative Study of Virus-Like Particles Obtained from Coat Protein of Alternanthera Mosaic Viris
K. Donchenko, Lomonosov Moscow State University, T. I. Manukhova, O. A. Kondakova, N. A. Nikitin, J. G. Atabekov, and O. V. Karpova
P-3046 Biolistic Delivery of the RGEN RNP into Potato Plants for Genome Editing
V. Makarov, DokaGene Ltd, A. V. Makhotenko, E. A. Snigir, A. V. Khromov, S. S. Makarova,  N. O. Kalinin, and M. E. Taliansky
P-3047 Dandelion In Vitro Response to Different Culture Strategies for Triterpenes Production
M. Martinez, Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, L. Jorquera, R. Chamy, D.Prüfer, C. Schulze Gronover, and P. Poirrier
P-3048 Automated Cell Counting and Viability Assessments of Canola Mesophyll Protoplasts
S. Sahab, La Trobe University, M. Ponnampalam, S. Georges, Y. Ding, J. Mason, G. Spangenberg, and M. Hayden
P-3049 RNA-seq Based Comparative Transcriptomics of Red vs. Wild-type Tobacco Plants
Angelina Song, North Carolina State University, and Deyu Xie