Exhibit Registration

While we won’t be meeting in person this June, we are pleased to welcome our exhibitors back for a virtual exhibition during our 2021 In Vitro Biology Virtual Meeting, SIVB 2021: In Vitro OnLine. Exhibitor Benefits are being finalized at this time and we look forward to providing your company with the chance to interact with hundreds of researchers and professionals at our event. All participants of SIVB Annual Meetings work or study in the fields of biotechnology for both animals or plants. If your products and services relate to cell and tissue culture, genome editing, micropropagation, infectious disease, cellular pathology, toxicology, tissue engineering or other forms of biotechnology, this event is the perfect chance for your company to show off what you can offer.

More details will be provided as they become available. Please contact the SIVB Business Office for more information on registering to exhibit at the SIVB 2021: In VItro OnLine.



Virtual Exhibit Booth Space – $1,025


Exhibitors requesting cancellation four months prior to the start of the exposition (February 5, 2021) will receive a full refund; later cancellations will be refunded at 25% of the full rental fee for the assigned space(s). If, for any reason, management finds it necessary to cancel the exposition, it is agreed by the exhibitors that each will pay a proportioned share of the direct expenses incurred by management in connection with the exhibit.


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