Advertising Opportunities

To make this the best experience possible for your organization, the following sponsorships have been designed to offer attendee engagement opportunities during the event and provide sustained visibility with lasting results post meeting.  For a customized package that meets your specific objectives, contact SIVB at

Mobile App Advertising

Side Banner Advertisement on Virtual Event Platform- $375 – $750

Be one of the first things people see when they go to the event website. Your ad will be placed on the left side of the screen below the event menu ($375) or on the right side of the screen down the side of the page ($750).


Home Screen Tiles – $500

Have your ad on the main screen of the event’s mobile app.  Your 800w by 400h image will appear each time someone views the home page of the mobile app and can link to your exhibit booth online or to a specially provided company website URL.


Full Sponsorship of the Mobile App – $11,500

Specific advertising opportunities will be discussed and personalized to the client wishes. These opportunities may include Rotating Banners, Screen Tiles, Splash Pages, and more.

Pre-meeting and Post-meeting Registration Lists

Mailing lists are available in tab-delimited files.

  • The pre-registration list (excluding exhibitors and guests) will be available only to exhibitors three weeks before the meeting. Exhibitor’s discounted pricing is $250.00 per set, Prepaid
  • The post meeting registration list in alphabetical order by last name will be available eight weeks after the meeting ends. The Exhibitor discounted pricing is $300.00 per set, Prepaid

For more information on these and other Advertising Opportunities at SIVB 2021: In Vitro OnLine, please contact Marietta Wheaton Saunders.

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