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The Society for In Vitro Biology welcomes you to join us for the first-ever VIRTUAL SIVB Exhibition during SIVB 2021: In Vitro OnLine

With an expected audience of approximately 400-500 researchers and scientists from around the world who work or study in the fields of biotechnology for both animals or plants, this is a perfect opportunity to stay connected to the scientific community and showcase your products and services without leaving home!

The Virtual Exhibit Experience will provide you with terrific opportunities to which you can interact with visitors. In addition to your company information page, you can provide a presentation of your goods and services on Monday, June 7 along with a handout and presentation specific URL. This presentation can include your own personal welcome message and share information on your products, services and how they can support our attendees’ research. You will have the ability to hold a special video chat session on Tuesday, June 8 to network with visitors who come to your booth. You can participate in the social events to network with attendees, share information, respond to questions, or simply strike up a conversation with visitors.


Virtual Exhibit Rate

Virtual Exhibit Experience – $825

Premier Virtual Exhibit Experience – $1,025

Who Attends?

  • Professors, Chairs, Post Docs, Research Technicians, Department Heads, Research Scientists, consultants and more
  • From academia, government, non-profit, and industry sectors
  • Over 80% of attendees from the USA
  • Approximately 400 scientists from the In Vitro biology, biotechnology and applied fields.

What will be of interest to our attendees?

  • Supplies and equipment
  • Reagents and Media
  • Publications
  • Information Services and Software Solutions
  • Photography Equipment
sivb meeting biotech exhibition

What will I receive at SIVB 2021?

All exhibition experiences will include:

  • Company listing with logo, 150-word description, company address, phone, email, company URL and links to your company’s social media presence in both the event website and mobile app.


  • Full-access meeting registration for up to two (2) designated attendees from your company. This provides them with access to all scientific content and the social events during the meeting to network with attendees.


  •  One-hour Video Chat session held during dedicated exhibition time on Tuesday, June 8, to meet with current and potential clients.


  • 15-minute Exhibitor Spotlight Presentation – NEW! Prerecord a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation which will be presented with interactive Q&A available in real-time during a dedicated Exhibitor Spotlight session on Tuesday, June 8. This presentation will remain available to attendees through September 30, 2021.

Presentations will be prerecorded through the CadmiumCD Harvester as a static PowerPoint presentation with your presenter visible through the video recording functionality. Along with your presentation, you will be able to upload a handout and an additional URL link, if desired. At the date and time of your presentation, your company will be provided with a link to a moderation webpage where one of your staff will be able to directly respond to questions submitted by attendees in real time while other staff members can participate in the session discussion. You will also be able to return to this site to review and respond to any additional questions or comments that are posed by attendees during the meeting.


Premier Exhibition Experiences will also receive:

  • Full-access meeting registration for one additional member of your staff. This provides access to all scientific content and the social events during the meeting for up to three (3) members of your team.


  • Subpage Banner Advertisement on Mobile App (rotating) – All exhibitors will have the opportunity to provide a banner which will be at the top of the screen in the mobile app when attendees are searching through presentations. This ad can link to a company URL of your choosing. Note: You will need to supply the art for the banner ad to receive this benefit.


What are the Dedicated Exhibition Times?

Dedicated exhibition times are when attendees will be encouraged to interact with the exhibitors and there will be no formal scientific presentations scheduled. Based on the needs of our exhibitors and the virtual platform, we have minimized the required time your staff needs to be available.

  • We will be providing the dedicated Exhibitor Spotlight Presentations on Monday, June 7 from 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm EDT where you can respond to Q&A or have discussion during the playback of your 15-minute presentation.
  • We are offering a dedicated video chat room to each exhibitor during a special exhibit hour on Tuesday, June 8 from 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm EDT.

Exhibitors are encouraged to have live booth staff available during these two events to meet with attendees and answer questions or participate in your presentation’s discussion. We are finalizing the times for the special exhibitor events and will provide those details to you as they are set.

In addition, we welcome your registered booth staff to attend our social networking events to meet one-on-one with our attendees in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The current scheduled event times are as follows and are subject to change.

  • Welcome Reception, Saturday, June 5 from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm EDT
  • Joint Sections Social, Monday, June 7 from 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm EDT


What happens if we can’t be available during the dedicated exhibit hour?

We recognize that not all exhibitors can be present at all times. Exhibitors will not be penalized if they decide not to utilize the video chat exhibition hour or presentation; however, if you do not wish to utilize the video chat hour, we do request that you let us know at least 2 weeks in advance so that we don’t have a room where attendees will not be able to find you.


Still have questions..

Please contact the SIVB Business Office for more information on registering to exhibit at the SIVB 2021: In VItro OnLine.

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