Abstract Submission

The deadline to submit an abstract to the 2022 In Vitro Biology Meeting has passed. To register to attend the 2022 Meeting in person or through the Exclusive Limited On-Demand Program, please visit our registration page for more details. Abstract fees are non-refundable.

Contributed Paper (Oral Presentations) and Interactive Poster sessions will occur In-Person only at the 2022 In Vitro Biology Meeting in San Diego. You must attend the meeting in San Diego in person to present in one of these two categories. In-person poster presentation opportunities are also available.

If you are unable to travel to the in-person meeting, you have two opportunities to present your submitted abstract:

  • Virtual Poster Opportunity.  If your submitted abstract is accepted for Virtual Poster Presentation, you will need to register for the Exclusive On-Demand Limited Program. Once you are registered, you will be able to upload a pdf poster of your research and record audio of up to 5-minutes describing your research.
  • Silent Abstract (See below for a description of the silent abstract category).

Other Abstract information

Rapid Abstract Acceptance

Rapid acceptance is designed for those who need proof of acceptance to apply for funding or visas to attend the in-person meeting.  If you requested rapid acceptance, SIVB will provide verification of your abstract’s acceptance within two weeks after the submission deadline (March 31 respectively ). If you are interested in Rapid Abstract Acceptance, please check that option when you submit your abstract online or note it in your cover letter with your hard copy submission. Please note that rapid acceptance only guarantees that your abstract will be presented at the meeting. Decisions as to the type of presentation (whether it will be an oral, interactive poster or poster presentation) will not be provided until spring when the final program is determined.

Interactive Poster Sessions

These presentations have become an integral part of the SIVB meetings. A select group of posters will be chosen to participate in these oral presentation sessions held in-person in San Diego which will begin with each poster presenter giving a short (5-minute maximum) oral presentation of their poster. Then, after the all the presentations, the floor will be open for discussion.

Silent Abstracts

The Silent Abstract is a special abstract category for authors unable to attend the meeting.  Abstracts submitted for the Silent Abstract category follow the same abstract format, abstract fee, and scientific review/acceptance by the Program Committee; and, if accepted, will be printed in the meeting publications, but will not provide a poster or other presentation of their work.