Film Library

Below is a listing of historical film footage of cell culture and techniques that can be found online. These films can range from early classics in the field to more recent ones. Many are excellent for teaching purposes and are available to the scientific community at large.

110    Pinocytosis
W. H. Lewis
Classic demonstration of the cell during imbibition from the surrounding medium. (Bright-Field Optics)
  111 Dividing Normal Adult Rat Fibroblasts In Vitro
W. H. Lewis
Time-lapse study of cell division of fibroblasts in culture. (Bright-Field Optics)
113 Mitosis in Endosperm Reel 1—Normal Mitosis;
A. Bajer and M. Bajer
402 part 2 Growth of Capillaries and Endothelium In Vitro
W. H. Lewis
Low power pictures of the development of capillary sprouts and their migration from residual capillaries in the explant. (Bright-Field Optics)
  403 Normal and Abnormal White Blood Cells
W. H. Lewis
Cell culture of neutrophils, eosinophils, monocytes and lymphocytes from human blood. (Bright-Field Optics)






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