Philip R. White Memorial Award

Philip R. White (1901-1968) was the first to establish indefinite growth of isolated roots and of tumor tissues of plants. His 1930s and 1940s was groundbreaking and played a critical role in the development of modern plant biotechnology and the production of biotech crops. White was one of the best known and most influential figures of his generation in plant cell culture research.

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  • The Philip White Memorial Award is a study award made in honor of Dr. Philip R. White, an eminent pioneer, teacher and researcher in plant cell and tissue culture techniques.
  • The fund is to be used to supplement expenses for a student to further study plant tissue culture by acquiring specialized training in a plant-tissue-culture related technique not available at his/her home institution, by traveling to another laboratory. A stipend of up to $650 is awarded yearly for travel to, and training at, an institution of the awardee’s choice. It should not be used to supplement living expenses at a home institution.
  • The award can be used to supplement other awards or scholarships, provided such other awards are not total payment for training.
  • It must be used for direct training in a technique that involves plant tissue culture.
  • Applicants for the award must substantiate that the training will extend their ability to perform research and/or development in a field which requires plant tissue culture. Applicants must be able to demonstrate interest and scholastic achievement,.
  • Please note that this is not restricted to U.S. residents.

Applicants need to provide via email:

  • A statement of objectives and past training
  • Type of training they will receive and where
  • A letter from the volunteer trainer indicating that they will agree to train the person in specific tissue culture techniques at a specific site and a specific time period
  • A list of funds needed for travel to the training site (airfare, hotels, meals, etc.)
  • Letters of recommendation from two sources who are familiar with the applicants prior training and can substantiate that the applicant is a student


Your submission should be sent to:

Student Awards
Society for In Vitro Biology
672 Old Mill Rd., Suite 284
Millersville, MD 21108
Email: [email protected]

Application Deadline is January 31.

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