John S. Song Award

John S. Song from Magenta Corporation in Illinois patented the Plant Culture container and Plant tissue culture vessel and filter wherein the base and cover include means for adjustably setting the gas exchange rate between the interior of the vessel and the ambient, and means for selectively defining a loose or tight fit between the cover and the base. In 1986, he wanted to provide a number of scholarships to promote and stimulate plant cell biology graduate student participation at the Annual Tissue Culture Association (now SIVB) meetings.

The John S. Song Award covers the travel expenses of students working in plant cell biology. The student must submit a one-page resume of professional training and publications, an estimate of travel expenses to the meeting, and a letter of recommendation from a research advisor, along with abstract submission.

Click here to see a list of previous winners.

The SIVB Student Award Program provides recognition and financial support for student’s who have contributed and made outstanding achievements in the field of in vitro biology. Students applying for awards must submit:

  1. An Official Abstract Submission (to be submitted online) and completed online Student Registration;
  2. A 4-page (maximum) letter indicating award(s) applying for, and narrative of methods, results, and supporting figures/tables as appropriate;
  3. Research director/supervisor certification that the work was performed by the student applicant;
  4. One-page resume of professional training and publications;
  5. Estimate of Travel expenses; and
  6. Letter of recommendation from a research advisor.

Students competing for awards may apply for multiple awards, must satisfy specific award criteria, and must present their papers at the Meeting as scheduled. Winners will be notified prior to the meeting. The student awardees must present their submitted research papers and be present at the meeting award ceremony.

Your submission should be sent to:

Student Awards
Society for In Vitro Biology
672 Old Mill Rd., Suite 284
Millersville, MD 21108
Email: [email protected]

Application Deadline is January 31.

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