In Vitro Animal Cell Sciences Section Officers

Mae Ciancio
Midwestern University

Dr. Mae Ciancio is a tenured Associate Professor and MBS Coordinator in the Biomedical Sciences Program at Midwestern University.  She’s been an active member of SIVB for approximately 8 years.  During that time, Mae has co-convened several plenary and IVACS symposia sessions, presented posters and promoted her research students’ participation in the society. Most recently, from 2018-2020, Mae served at the IVACS Co-chair (Meeting).  Mae is a whole animal Physiologist by training, having received her PhD in Physiology from Loyola University Chicago, under the mentorship of James P. Filkins. Mae completed her post-doctoral training at the University of Chicago in the Department of Medicine/GI in the laboratory of Dr. Eugene B. Chang. Mae joined the faculty of Midwestern University’s Biomedical Sciences program, under the Directorship of Michael Fay, in 2008. Mae’s laboratory actively trains Biomedical Sciences, medical and dental students in animal and cellular physiology. Her lab currently is investigating the role of inducible heat shock protein in preventing diet-induced obesity, with special reference on the role of intestinal microbial balance and inflammation. Mae’s laboratory also has an active animal model of oral squamous cell carcinoma to provide dental students an opportunity to perform discipline-specific research. Mae teaches Research Design and Methodology to Biomedical Sciences, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant and Dental students at Midwestern University. She offers an elective course on the role of intestinal microbial balance in health and disease, as well as providing pathophysiology lectures to Biomedical Sciences Students and Physical Therapy students. Mae is passionate about empowering students to become engaged in laboratory research as a means to contribute to scientific progress and improved clinical care.
Kristina Martinez-Guryn
Vice Chair – Meeting
Midwestern University

Dr. Kristina Martinez-Guryn is an Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Sciences Program at Midwestern University located in Downers Grove, IL.  She has been an active member of SIVB and has co-convened two sessions (for SIVB 2019 and SIVB 2020). She began her career by studying to become a registered dietitian and received her BS in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
in 2006 from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). During the last year of her undergraduate degree, Kristina joined the lab of Dr. Michael McIntosh where she studied the adverse side effects of the weight loss supplement, conjugated linoleic acid, using primary cultures of human adipocytes. Based on her fascination with scientific research, she remained in the same lab to complete her PhD in Nutrition. Upon earning her PhD, she entered the Dietetic Internship program at UNCG and received her credentials as a Registered Dietitian. She completed her post-doctoral training at the University of Chicago in the Department of Medicine/Section of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition in the laboratory of Dr. Eugene B. Chang, where she investigated host-microbe interactions that promote fat absorption and obesity in mice. Following her postdoc, Kristina joined the Midwestern University’s Biomedical Sciences program, as a faculty member. Currently, Kristina trains Biomedical Sciences and medical students in microbiology and animal physiology. Her lab investigates the impact of diet on host microbial composition in the gut that in turn influences nutrient digestion and absorption. Kristina teaches Biostatistics and Nutrition Therapy to students in the Biomedical Sciences
Vivian Dayeh
Vice Chair – Membership
University of Waterloo

Dr. Vivian Dayeh is a Continuing Lecturer in the Department of Biology at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Her focus is undergraduate teaching in physiology, human anatomy, vertebrate zoology, and animal cell biotechnology. She is a recipient of the Department of Biology Jack Carlson Teaching Award, the Excellence in Science Teaching Award and in 2011, she was awarded the University of Waterloo Distinguished Teacher Award. Her work profile can be viewed on the following website:
Matthew Desrosiers
Worchester Polytechnic Institute

Mr. Matthew Desrosiers is a PhD candidate in his sixth year at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the lab of Dr. Pamela Weathers. In the Weathers lab, Matt studies the differences in bioavailability of the antimalarial drug artemisinin when it is delivered as dried leaves of Artemisia annua versus in its purified form. He has studied several key factors that determine the bioavailability of artemisinin including solubility as well as intestinal permeability and is now focusing on the role secondary metabolites from A. annua play in modulating liver enzymes to enhance artemisinin bioavailability. He aims to go into industry after completing his PhD with the goal of working in new drug development. Matt has been involved with the SIVB since he attended his first meeting in Tucson in 2015. Since then, he has served as the IVACS student co-chair for the meeting in San Diego in 2016 and has won several awards including two Cellular Toxicology Awards, The Honor B. Fell Award, and a Student Travel Award. Matt has previously served as the IVACS secretary for the 2018-2020 term.
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