This information should be used by those who are preparing content for the In Vitro Report (IVR) to ensure that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered during the writing process. A main goal of the IVR is to continue producing new content overtime which contains new information/research from the SIVB membership and Business Office. As a result, this site can be used as a funnel to drive new users to the SIVB website to search other sections of the site (ie, the meeting information, award criteria, or other sections of the content). If some of the IVR content can show up in top results for users searching terms relevant to In Vitro Biology, this can significantly impact the visibility of the organization and your content!

Steps to Consider When Preparing Content for Submission:

  1. Identify 2 – 4 keywords or phrases for the content/article being written. These words should be relevant to the industry, topic of the article, or SIVB. They should be more specific and niche instead of general. These would be terms people might type in a Google search that would ideally bring up this content. For example:
    1. Keywords for an article on the Keynote Speaker for the 2022 Meeting could be:
      SIVB Annual Meeting, Keynote presentation, Alternatives to Animal Testing (a focus of the 2022 Keynote speakers research), San Diego Scientific Meeting
    2. Keywords for the Call for 2022 Award Nominations could be: SIVB Awards, in vitro biology, 2022 Awards, Lifetime Achievement, Distinguished Scientist
  1. Write your content. Once the keywords/terms are identified, keep them in focus as you write your article/content. Make sure the exact words/terms you identified appear throughout the article, but don’t overuse them. Once or twice in the article is sufficient.
  2. Add Headings and Subheadings. Provide a heading (title) or subheadings (for sections of your article) that can be used to create bolded headings and titles throughout the page when it is designed. Try to include the top Keywords/terms in these headings if possible.
  3. Provide Pictures and/or Videos. Provide images, videos or links to videos relevant to the content when possible and provide appropriate “alt text” for the images. “Alt-text” are phrases that are not visible on the website but identify the content on the back end and make it more searchable via a Google Search. It is encouraged to include the keywords you have determined and make sure titles and descriptions are also relevant to the content/keywords/terms.
  4. Prepare and send us your submission: When you provide your article, make sure to include the following information. This will be used when we build the pages online.
    1. A word document that lists:
        1. What keywords you had determined for your article
        2. Your article content
        3. Captions for your images
        4. Alt-text for your images
          1. Images as separate jpg and png files.

        While we will accept content without this information included, by providing this information yourself, you will help the organization direct the appropriate traffic to your article and increase its visibility.

        We look forward to your next submission for the In Vitro Report!

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