Distinguished Service Awards

The SIVB is known for its standing as a leader in in vitro biology, the caliber and breadth of its Annual Meetings, speakers and scientific presentations, and the many opportunities for professional and personal growth of its members in all levels of their careers. Since 1993, SIVB Presidents have had the pleasure to present the Distinguished Service Award to members who have given commendable service in support of the organization as a whole, and the annual meeting in specific, leading to the Annual Meeting during the past year. In my role as President of SIVB, it was my honor to present the 2023 Distinguished Service Awards to the following members who were willing to ‘go the extra mile’ and do so much more on behalf of our Society:

Raj Deepika Chauhan

Margaret M. Young

Raj Deepika Chauhan and Margaret M. Young were recognized for their roles as the Co-Chairs of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the 2023 Annual Meeting. Both Deepika and Margaret dedicated significant amount of time and efforts to create a very active and engaged LOC. They worked closely and diligently with all members of the committee in reaching out to and establishing connections with local and surrounding universities, institutions, and companies. They were committed to spread the word about the 2023 Annual Meeting, and their unwavering dedication led to many successful activities, events, and scientific tours during our first-ever Annual Meeting in Norfolk VA!

Barbara B. Doonan

In her continued role as the SIVB treasurer, Barbara B. Doonan was recognized for her diligent work with the Executive Committee of the Board, and the SIVB Board under challenging times of transition following the unexpected passing of Marietta Wheaton Saunders, a fearless Managing Director and cornerstone of the SIVB for over 30 years. Additionally, Barbara deserved special recognition for her generosity and resilience in leading the tribute to Marietta during the 2023 Opening Ceremony, and for her tremendous support in helping to establish the Marietta Wheaton Saunders Award with Marietta’s family. This award was established to honor Marietta and celebrate her legacy, and seeks to inspire African American and Hispanic students to contribute to the innovative science that is a trademark of the in vitro biology and biotechnology fields.

Wayne A. Parrott

Wayne A. Parrott, was recognized for his role as Public Policy Committee Chair, who is always attentive and hardworking in identifying key issues that are of concern to our Society and preparing comprehensive, firm, and timely responses when regulatory agencies request public comments. The preparation of these well-researched responses requires significant amount of time and efforts; they allow SIVB members, who are leaders in their fields, to voice their perspectives on regulatory key issues and rules. In 2023, for example, Wayne spearheaded the write-up and coordinated response of the Public Policy Committee and SIVB members to EPA on Pesticides; Exemptions of Certain Plant-Incorporated Protectants (PIPs) Derived From Newer Technologies. As SIVB president, it was my honor to submit this 5-page response to the EPA on behalf of our Society and its Board of Directors.

Joy A. Francis

Michele G. Schultz

Finally, it was a great honor for me to recognize Joy A. Francis (Marietta’s niece and representative of New Beginnings Management on behalf of Marietta’s family), and Michele G. Schultz (Marietta’s right hand for the last 24 years who assumed the role of Acting Managing Director of the SIVB in March 2023) with the Distinguished Service Awards. Following the untimely loss of Marietta in February 2023, Joy and Michele worked tirelessly in support of the SIVB as an organization and the transition of our Society moving forward. Under the circumstances, their commitment and dedication to the continued preparations of the 2023 Annual Meeting in Norfolk, VA was commendable; their unwavering support and dedication were the “glue that held everything together” and led to a successful, memorable and inspiring annual meeting.


President’s Award

After a hiatus of a decade, it was a great pleasure and honor for me to present several SIVB members with the 2023 President’s Award. This award recognizes their service of the SIVB and the extra efforts that they put forth throughout the past year in support of the mission, vision and values of our Society as well as its positive impact and continued growth:

Christopher A. Bagley

Sarbesh Das Dangol

Muneeb Hassan Hashmi

Anissa Belfetmi-Stone

Joyce M. Van Eck

Christopher A. Bagley, PBS Secretary/Treasurer (2022-2024) and Ad Hoc Social Engagement Committee Chair, together with a group of talented and committed members, including Sarbesh Das Dangol (PBS), Muneeb Hassan Hashmi (PBS), Anissa Belfetmi-Stone (IVACS), and Joyce M. Van Eck (PBS), for renewing and enhancing the SIVB activities, presence and outreach on multiple social media platforms.

Vivian R. Dayeh

Vivian R. Dayeh, IVACS, Membership Committee Chair, for her continued leadership and hard work together with the SIVB Management Office in retention of current SIVB members as well as outreach and recruitment of new SIVB members in all levels of their professional careers.

Jessica L. Rupp

Pierluigi Barone

Jessica L. Rupp, PBS Section Chair (2022-2024), Award Committee member, and Pierluigi Barone, Vice President (2020-2022), for their significant and successful efforts in writing and securing grant funding from governmental agencies to support multiple SIVB Annual Meeting activities.

Michael J. Fay

Michael J. Fay, IVACS, Publications Committee Chair (2022-2024), for his years of service in this position as well as in his role as the Editor-In-Chief of the In Vitro Report together with Sylvia Mitchel (PBS).

Michael K. Dame

Michael K. Dame, IVACS, Member-at-Large (2018-2022), for his commendable efforts to organize multiple sessions on state-of-the-art technologies including organoids, and for engaging many of his colleagues to participate and present at SIVB Annual Meetings.

Brad L. Upham

Brad L. Upham, IVACS, Education Committee Chair, for his continued work with and support of the professional and personal growth of student representatives and post-docs at the 2023 Annual Meeting and throughout the year.

It was my honor to present these awards during the 2023 Annual Meeting – congratulations to all of you!

Submitted by Addy Alt-Holland, President, SIVB


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