I’m Roseline Eke Emele from Nigeria and I am a member of SIVB. I joined while I was a student at Nigde Omer Halisdemir University, Turkey- studying Biotechnology at a master’s level. I’m glad that I did not stop at being a member of SIVB but also a member of the media Team.  Asides academics, I have an interest in Media and I can call myself a media personality. In the course of my academic pursuit, I worked with Professor Songul Budak Diler to ascertain results drawn from patients that had Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Turkey and through Erasmus, I worked on Neovascularization of Chicken Embryo in relation to Gold Nanoparticles with Dr. Marta Kutwin at University of Life Sciences, Warsaw Poland.

Currently, I have an interest in pursuing my PhD and getting a job to earn a living of which I have positively worked towards. I have as well showed interest in some Graduate Jobs and am willing to spread my wings for opportunities yet to come.

I am glad to be an SIVB member because it has exposed me to knowing that my effort matters, my contributions are relevant and that I can dare to be more. SIVB has blessed me with a lot of positive minds and great opportunities. I am a proud member.

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