Students who plan to attend the 2008 SIVB meetings and present posters or talks should apply for one of the SIVB travel grants.  See the SIVB website for more information:

Students who need specific plant tissue culture training should apply for the Philip White Award.   If you need help finding a host lab, please contact Carol Stiff at [email protected]

Philip White Memorial Award

  • The Philip White Memorial Award is a study award made in honor of Dr. Philip R. White, an eminent pioneer, teacher and researcher in plant cell and tissue culture techniques.
  • The fund is to be used to supplement expenses for a student to further study plant tissue culture by acquiring specialized training in a plant-tissue-culture related technique not available at his/her home institution, by traveling to another laboratory. A stipend of up to $650 is awarded yearly for travel to, and training at, an institution of the awardees’ choice. It should not be used to supplement living expenses at a home institution.
  • The award can be used to supplement other awards or scholarships, provided such other awards are not total payment for training.
  • It must be used for direct training in a technique that involves plant tissue culture.
  • Applicants for the award must substantiate that the training will extend their ability to perform research and/or development in a field which requires plant tissue culture. Applicants must be able to demonstrate interest and scholastic achievement,
  • Please note that this is not restricted to U.S. residents.

Applicants need to provide via email:

  • A statement of objectives and past training
  • Type of training they will receive and where
  • A letter from the volunteer trainer indicating that they will agree to train the person in specific tissue culture techniques at a specific site and a specific time period
  • A list of funds needed for travel to the training site (airfare, hotels, meals, etc.)
  • Letters of recommendation from two sources who are familiar with the applicants prior training and can substantiate that the applicant is a student

All materials should be emailed or faxed (1-608-868-2851) to the chairman of the Philip White Committee by April 1. The current chairman is Carol Stiff, [email protected]

Recipients of the award will be notified prior to the SIVB annual meeting in June.

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