David Altman, SIVB President

Our society faces a number of challenges in the years ahead, but in the first months of service as your President, I’m convinced even more about the vital role the SIVB plays in making a difference for our profession. If you’ve ever wandered around a large, impersonal meeting of other scientific organizations, then you understand the value of our meeting environment where:

  • We welcome students with free meeting registration and a trial, first-year membership because education is cherished and SIVB is committed to disseminate information and traditions to the next generation of leaders;
  • We foster personal contacts and the chance to exchange ideas and innovations without being lost in a crowd, including contacts for research collaborations, jobs, funding opportunities, investments and other business relationships, or simply increased knowledge of the science;
  • We encourage volunteer service so that any person desiring to contribute can participate to strengthen meetings, professional publications, public policy efforts, and other critical scientific roles; and
  • We still can find time to socialize and have fun, whether it’s shaking a leg on the dance floor at the banquet, joining in the musical jam session at an evening social event at the annual meeting, or just enjoying a lively conversation along with a favorite beverage.

However, all of what we manage to piece together requires resources beyond the sweat equity of volunteers. In keeping the new Board’s pledge to the membership to conserve resources, the first budget approved under my watch has a projected bottom line in the black, as will always be the case with my stewardship. The Board will attempt to maintain and even to improve services while belt tightening, but each of you can help in our joint effort to stay in the pink financially.

On behalf of the Board and Officers I’m requesting help specifically on one or more of the following:

  1. Please donate items to the silent auction fundraising project for the annual meeting if possible.
  2. Kindly renew membership as early as possible and bring another colleague into the SIVB.
  3. Please consider just sending in a donation beyond dues and fees, either through Fund for the Future or just with an unrestricted gift, because such funds are what allows SIVB to make bolder initiatives such as providing free attendance for students to the annual meeting.
  4. The Development Committee has a number of exciting projects, including a new NSF grant to assist the student initiative, and they would greatly appreciate extra help (Contact Dave Songstad at [email protected] to find out how to be involved.).
  5. Send me any ideas or suggestions that you might have about ways to improve the finances ([email protected]).

I want to thank each of you who have contributed in the past, both with service and funds, and your consideration of further giving is greatly appreciated.

David Altman
President, SIVB

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