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William J. Smith,
SIVB President

President's Report
Fellow SIVB Members,

We should all be in the final stages of planning for the 2011 SIVB Meeting in Raleigh in June. The Program Committee has done an excellent job preparing a Program that will have plenty for everyone. Numerous other committees have been working equally hard to provide a full spectrum of activities for all the attendees. While the scientific sessions and sidebar conversations are the reasons we come together each year, SIVB has always maintained critical investments in educational and student-based initiatives. These initiatives help us expand our influence throughout the scientific community and help secure future growth of the Society. As you are planning your meeting schedule please look for those activities directed toward students and education. I know it is a packed schedule but these will be worth your time.

Many of our colleagues are experiencing travel restrictions. I wish the Society could easily convey the content and energy of the meeting to those that cannot attend. I hope that each of us, who are fortunate enough to be in Raleigh for the meeting, will carry the products of the meeting back to those who were less fortunate this year. Hopefully, we can share some benefits of being at SIVB with them and encourage them to look forward to future meetings .... Continue Reading



The Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Mary Ann Lila was a guest on the Dr. Oz Show, where she discussed ongoing research at the Plants for Human Health Institute aimed at identifying plant-derived compounds that can help to prevent cancer ...Continue Reading

Dr. John Finer
Dr. John J. Finer

In Vitro—Plant
Announces New Editor

In May 2011 after 4 years as Editor-in-Chief of In Vitro-Plant, Dr. Dwight Tomes will pass the position to Dr. John Finer of The Ohio State University. Dr. Tomes has been a member of SIVB for 29 years and was a founding editor of the journal. Prior to service as the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Tomes served on the editorial board of In Vitro-Plant for many years as an Associate Editor. Dr. Tomes will assist Dr. Finer .... Continue Reading

2010 Annual Report