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William J. Smith,
SIVB President

President's Report

Fellow SIVB Members,

The first six months of my term have been exciting and rewarding. The Board has faced a number of critical issues, and handled every one quickly and always with the best interests of the Society at the forefront. I have been around a lot of Boards and am pleased to tell you that your society’s Board is among the best I have ever seen. Most of the issues we have handled involved our two journals: In Vitro Plant and In Vitro Animal. Based on some exceptional work by the Publications Committee we finalized a new contract with our publisher Springer, faced the departure of both Editors-in-Chief and found outstanding individuals ready to assume those duties, and began the process of considering going to an electronic journal. We are also looking to strengthen our long-standing partnership with the Japanese Tissue Culture Association.

Thanks to the hard work of the previous Board and our representatives to the Planning Committee for the 2010 meeting co-sponsored with IAPB, we are seeing a profit from that meeting. This will add to a continually positive financial position for the Society.

For all the positives being seen by SIVB, a recurrent problem for us and all professional societies today is sustainment and growth of membership. In order to create the type of society and activities that we all want and need, a strong, vital membership is necessary. The Society needs you active on committees. We need you talking to colleagues about SIVB. We need you looking at other societies to which you belong and letting your representatives know how to improve SIVB. As we approach our next meeting in Raleigh, we need you to attend the conference and to present your data. If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area, talk up the meeting with colleagues and build their interest in attending. This will be a great opportunity for many of the colleges and universities in the region to send undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral researchers to a relatively inexpensive and exciting meeting. The Program Committees have done a great job and the Local Organizing Committee is working hard to make the whole experience rewarding for all of us. I hope to see and greet all of you there.

Until then, have a wonderful holiday season and a Healthy, Happy New Year.

SIVB Member and President
Bill Smith