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William J. Smith,
SIVB President

President's Report

This is my first report as President of the Society for In Vitro Biology. I cannot begin to explain how much excitement and pride accompanies that statement.  

Most of my 42-year scientific career has been associated with SIVB or its predecessor TCA.  I have presented my lab’s research at many annual meetings, been on the Board of Director’s in multiple capacities, and even attended one meeting as an Exhibitor. I have seen the Society at some of its low points and have felt the vigor of this group to raise itself to the high point at which it currently resides. To have the honor of representing all of you as President brings no fear, just pure joy and expectation. Our Past-President, in his final report challenged us all to “be the agents of innovation and to offer our creative solutions to take SIVB to a new level of service.”  I promise to be with you stride for stride as we move forward.

SIVB is in the strongest financial and programmatic position of the past decade plus. No outside source stepped in and made this happen. It is the result of hard work by the members and a series of Boards that carried the wishes of the membership to create an active, progressive, and meaningful society. I consider it my role to assume leadership of our forward momentum by establishing a Strategic Plan for the Future. This plan must first meet the needs of our membership, but must be built in the context of the scientific and political communities in which we live. That is a challenge given the diversity of the SIVB membership. I cannot do it alone. I need your involvement. I want to use the Long Range Planning Committee as the forum for discussion. This committee is chaired by the President-Elect, David Songstad. David already has a major charge to build the financial security of SIVB, but I cannot see building a financial plan without knowing where we want to use our resources. Therefore, I am asking members who want to help SIVB move to the future to contact David and offer your time. Let him know if you have skills in finance or planning, or if you just want to be a voice to help set direction.

SIVB’s future is bright, but will only stay that way with a strong, active membership. Look over the various committees of the Society and offer your services to those that interest you. If you need help contacting someone, e-mail the office or me, I may be privileged to be called President of SIVB, but that is only because I am first and foremost a Member of SIVB. I look forward to working with all my member colleagues.


Bill Smith
President & Member, Society for In Vitro Biology