Issue 42.2 April - June 2008
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Meeting Updates

Svalbard seed vault slide show at SIVB Meeting on Saturday

David Ellis has consented to give a short slide presentation of his visit to the Svalbard Seed Vault in February. This will take place in Presido I from 6:30 pm - 7 pm. on Saturday evening. Thanks much to Dave for his willingness to share this fantastic adventure……………….carol

Surviving an SIVB Annual Meeting (Financially)

Going to an SIVB meeting is a great experience but it can be extremely costly if you are not fully informed. You can miss out on many opportunities if not prepared. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Be a volunteer.
    a. A volunteer gets free registration
    b. A volunteer might be able to get free hotel (shared with another volunteer) - this is limited but a possibility.
    c. A volunteer gets to meet people either through working at the registration desk or as a video assistant - this is a very nice "ice breaker" for meeting people.

  2. Learn to "graze"
    a. Food can be a costly item at the meetings but with some good "grazing skills" you can spend almost nothing on meals.
    b. Go to the opening reception - very yummy and enough for a meal
    c. Go to all socials - again, very tasty and filling and you get to meet people
    d. Go to committee meetings.
    i. Most committee meetings are open to all
    ii. Many committee meetings include a breakfast
    iii. While grazing for breakfast, you will also find out what is going on with SIVB and meet people.

  3. Volunteer to help on a committee - great way to meet people and find out how the SIVB works

  4. Stay near the posters and the vendor booths when not in a meeting. There tends to be at least coffee and goodies and oftentimes a lunch. Many vendors will have chocolate or other sweets at their booth!!

  5. Find a mentor before the meeting who will assist you in meeting the right people
    a. Contact SIVB office or the Student Affairs Committee and ask for a mentor
    b. Email one or several people you would like to meet and arrange to meet them at the SIVB convention. An email conversation before the actual meeting helps to "break the ice"

  6. Join the SIVB Student Members Listserv and communicate with other students. Go to Yahoo to join or contact Carol Stiff (below)
  7. Other suggestions - contact Carol Stiff, or Mary Ann McGill at


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